Out in the Open

Hello friends! Sorry to skip the Weekend Recap on Monday! We didn’t do much, just down time with friends and each other, which is always nice just not very exciting. ;) Things have been a bit hectic around here lately because…. I GOT A NEW JOB! This may not seem super exciting, but if you know me then you know how bad I’ve been wanting this! I started the hunt almost a year ago and I’ve been on several interviews in the past 6 months, but nothing panned out. Getting a “no” almost every week was one the sources for my “blues” back in May. It’s so disheartening to sit at a job everyday and feel pointless, which is where I was this Spring. I couldn’t move up, there was no opportunity for raises or more responsibility, and my boss and I didn’t get along. It sucked. Well, it didn’t all suck, I’ve made a TON of great friends at this job over the years (most of them left before me haha) and it has been a lot of fun. I’ve also learned a lot about myself, about the web and about responsibility. And if it wasn’t for this job I never would have started blogging! It’s just time to move on. funny picture

The week before Haven I had a phone interview for the new job and they called me back right before I left for the conference to schedule an in-person interview for Monday. I got off the plane from Haven late Sunday afternoon, had dinner, prepped for my interview and crashed into the bed. The next morning I felt like a zombie, so I loaded up on caffeine and headed to the interview. On the way there I hit traffic (naturally) and a big box truck knocked down some phone lines right in front of my car. By this point I was late and freaking out. I finally made it to the interview, did my best and crossed my fingers when it was all over. This Monday, I got the call that they wanted to speak to my current boss for one last reference, awkward. So I had to tell him I’d been looking and anxiously hope that the phone call went well. I guess it did, because officially was offered and accepted the job yesterday! I’m now fulfilling my last two weeks at my current job, and will start the new one on the 11th!

I’m so excited for this new adventure and all the opportunities that come with it! This new job does have a longer commute and there wont be downtime to do things like read blogs, write posts, and update social media, so it will definitely be an adjustment as far as the blog goes. If things get quiet, you’ll know why! I’m hoping this new job will force me to be more organized and actually make a real schedule here. I’m hoping to finally write posts a week or two in advance and be better about scheduling social media posts. I also plan on setting aside a few evenings a week for reading blogs and commenting, just like you make time for coffee with friends! Bear with me over the next few weeks! I do have big plans for projects and things as far as the blog is concerned, it just may take awhile to get there!

Thanks for all your support! And as always, thanks so much for reading! :)

Is it a Shelf or is it a Table?

When we were doing party prep I had another project on my to-do list, aside from the mantle, decorations and everything else, and that was to find a better way to have sofa table. After we bought our new sectional I knew I wanted a space for lamps, to set drinks and to have pretty things, so Jesse and I started building a sofa table. It had to be tall enough to go behind the couch, but also skinny to not take up a lot of space. What we built ended up being a wobbly piece of crap, so we scrapped it and went back to the drawing board. I thought about the fact that the curtains would cover the side of the table and no one would ever see anything but the tabletop, and I also thought about how much I liked being able to slide things behind the couch. This all led to me deciding to make our sofa table a shelf on brackets instead. I went out, bought a 12″ wide piece of white wood, cut it down to size, stained it and gave it a few layers of poly. Sofa table shelfAfter it was all sealed and ready to go I measured out the spacing of the studs and attached the brackets to my shelf. And then I realized that I’m an idiot and I flipped the shelf the wrong way, so the brackets didn’t line up with the studs. Never fear, that’s what anchors are for! Even though I wanted to doing that, at least it was an option. Shelf sofa tableBoom! Shelf/sofa table! And look at all the space underneath the shelf! It’s perfect for my lighting kit, which is too big and bulky to go anywhere else, and for my yoga mat since I workout in the living room. sofa table on brackets

I love the contrast of the dark wood and the grey couch, and it’s perfect to have a place to for another vignette, lamps and to set my wine. You know, because I’m too lazy to lean forward to pick my wine glass up from the coffee table. ;)  Living room sofa setup - CopyThis was another super simple project that has really improved the room and we love having the lamps and extra space behind the couch. Sofa table vignetteThis project has also confirmed my love of walnut stain, I’m pretty sure my next project is to stain the top of our coffee table walnut.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ve got a blogger meetup, dinner with friends, and lots of time with my husband planned and I’m really looking forward to it. Oh, and sleep, lots of sleep to make up for last weekend at Haven.

Fancy-ing Up the Mantle

Yes, fancy-ing is totally a word. And I think it’s the best word to describe the little face-lift I gave our mantle recently, which you may have noticed in some of my pictures from our ‘Murica party.

Mantle decorated for the 4th of JulyAfter I finished the tv stand, and most of the living room, I realized that the fireplace needed something to balance it with the rest of the room. Since we don’t want to paint the brick, because it wraps around the corner and into the kitchen, I decided that painting the mantle was the way to go. Before the mantle was just a large piece of wood resting on the brick and it didn’t really “pop” or catch a lot of focus, but I really think the white helps change that.

living room fireplaceAnother thing that really helps the mantle look more finished and eye catching is the crown molding that we added around to it. I went to Home Depot and picked up a piece of primed molding for less than $5 and we trimmed it down to the measurements we needed using our miter saw at a 45 degree angle. cutting mouldingOnce all the cuts were done I slathered the molding in wood glue and positioned it on the mantle. The width of the molding was 1/4″ less than the mantle, but that was the closest size and it doesn’t look weird so I rolled with it. Also ignore all the scuffed paint, I was impatient and didn’t wait for everything to dry before attaching the molding and it got a little beat up. Updating a mantle with paint and crown mouldingFor added support I also nailed the molding in place using a sink, at least that’s what we call it. Since the glue wasn’t dry, again I’m impatient, Jesse held things in place while I sunk the finishing nails. sinking nailsOnce everything was nailed in place it was time to caulk all the little nail holes and seams, wait for that to dry, and then finish everything off with another coat of paint! I skipped poly for this project since the only action the mantle sees is when I change it out for the seasons/holidays. I did wait 48 hours for the paint to cure before I set up for the party though and there was no peeling or scratching when I took everything down. After the party I procrastinated packing for Haven by styling a new vignette. I wanted to go clean and simple with pops of color to really bring focus to the mantle. fresh white mantleI love how much lighter everything on the mantle looks now, and the white really lets the colors from the bottles and teal frame really shine. It’s so fancy.white mantleThis was definitely one of those “Duh” projects where I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner! Just compare it to all the other mantlescapes I’ve done! Now I’m on the hunt for the “perfect” mirror to hang over the mantle to help reflect more natural light and make the room appear wider.

Anyone else have a quick, cheap project that makes you want to kick yourself and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner? Or is that just me, the queen of procrastination!

Weekend Recap – Haven

*Warning: This post contains a lot words and a lot of crappy iPhone pictures, but I’m attempting to share EVERYTHING about Haven in one post.*

Over the weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Haven Conference in Atlanta. I’ve been wanting to go to this conference since the first one 3 years ago, and was so excited to finally make it happen! It was an incredible experience and I learned so much and met so many amazing bloggers! I totally don’t feel weird calling these ladies friends anymore. :)

I left for Atlanta on Thursday morning and met up with Jess from Little House. Big Heart, who was my roomie for the weekend, after landing. Jess and I have been following each other’s blogs for almost 3 years and elevated beyond comments to talking on G chat and recently, to texting! It was so nice to talk to her in person and put a voice to her words.


Roomie selfie!


That first night there was a cocktail reception and time to chat and meet other bloggers. I met so many amazing ladies that night like, Emily, Kelly, Kim, Michelle, Amber, Amanda, Caitlin, Cassie and Katja. That initial night also put me at ease for the rest of the weekend. I was nervous that things would be awkward, but it wasn’t. It was like seeing old friends. After the reception a bunch of us headed out to dinner at Tin Lizzie’s for some real food. I had the Southern Comfort tacos, which was chicken, BBQ sauce, goat cheese and fried pickles. It sounds weird and gross, but trust me, it was delicious! IMG_1820

Friday morning kicked off with the keynote speaker Chip Wade from HGTV’s Elbow Room. It was so cool to see the spaces that he’s designed and put together on his show and hear him talk about optimizing space in homes in unique ways. IMG_1823

Friday I went to several great sessions including Blogging Trade Secrets with Laura of Finding Home, Jen of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, Erin of DIY on the Cheap and Dusty of All Things G&D. I learned a lot about expanding the blog and a LOT about branding the blog. I spent some time on the airplane reflecting on this class and what exactly the brand of this blog is. After meeting people and hearing some of the things they said about my blog and me, I realized that Attempts at Domestication really is me! I by all means don’t have it all together, but I’m trying. Trying to make my house a home for Jesse and I, trying to save money by DIYing, trying to cook (occasionally) and trying to live a full and fun life as a wife. My life is all about attempting! IMG_1825

Another amazing class was High End DIY with Danielle of Danielle Oakey Interiors, Courtney of A Thoughtful Place and Kirsten of 6th Street Design School. I’ve been following Courtney for a few years and she always has the most amazing spaces! It was so inspiring to learn from her, and the other two ladies about ways to incorporate high end items and DIY projects to make a house seem more high end rather than kitschy.

Friday evening was another cocktail party followed by a dance party. I LOVE dancing and throwing down, so this was right up my alley.

Kim, me, Michelle & Jess

Kim, me, Michelle & Jess

I did make the mistake of wearing a strapless bra that night, so my dancing was constantly holding things in place haha. Luckily for me Karah was there to help a girl out! Karah was one of the first blog friends that I made back in 2011, so I was extremely excited to finally meet her in person!

This picture is technically from Saturday.

This picture is technically from Saturday.

Saturday was full of more sessions and meeting bloggers! Jess and I both went to a session on working with brands with Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl, Mandi of Vintage Revivals and Diane of In My Own Style. I’ve worked with a few brands before, like JoAnn Fabric and Crafts, but never for monetary compensation. The session was very helpful in showing me how to approach brands that I may want to work with in the future. The biggest thing with brands for me is that I always want to make sure that I’m working with a brand that I’m already using. I always want to be honest with you guys and even though I would love to make actual money blogging (making money from doing something you already love is the dream right?!) I never want to BS my readers!

Before the wrap up that night I had dinner with Jess, Amanda, and Kelly at Chuy’s. I know, I’m obsessed with this place. We had such great, heart-felt conversations about life and family, it was cool to get that deep with people so quickly! These girls are the best! Haven - sorority squat

The closing party was another amazing time with dancing and cocktails and gave me a chance to grab photos with some of my fave bloggers!

Cassie and I danced the night away and she was my “Fancy” singing partner. ‘Murica!IMG_1866

It was so great to meet Anna after years of following her blog. Thanks again for the caffeine hookup! ;)  IMG_1859

I’ve been following Kim for years and it was so great to finally connect in person. You should follow her on Twitter, she’s hilarious! IMG_1871

Jen‘s projects are some of my favorites in the blogosphere! I found her blog not too long after she reupholstered her couch and I’ve been hooked ever since! Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Cassie is so sweet and so stylish! I love how much her home and projects reflect her and her style. She’s the person that gave me the guts to try mixing patterns! Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Emily was so much fun to talk to and hang out with on the dance floor! Plus, her house and her style are just incredible! Haven - Me & Emily

Brittany is just a bad@$$. She’s done so many amazing projects and after talking to her I feel like I can do anything. I’ll definitely be asking for her advice in the future when we work on the kitchen!IMG_1879

One of the biggest things that blew my mind is that these bloggers that I look up to actually knew me! I leave comments and follow people on social media, but never really think that they see me, at least not enough to know me when I walk up to them!

Cassie, me, Sarah & Anna

Cassie, me, Sarah & Anna

I had such a fabulous time at Haven, and I hope that I can pull off going again next year! I met so many amazing ladies and really learned a lot about myself. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true! I can’t wait to really hop into blogging in the coming weeks and put everything into action!

Me, Kelly & Caitlin

Me, Kelly & Caitlin

Ok, overload over. Check back in tomorrow for the return to DIY! I hope you had an awesome weekend! :)

The Game is True American

As promised, today I’m sharing the rules that Jesse created for the drinking game True American. If you’ve never heard of True American, it’s a game created on the show New Girl. It’s kind of complex and can only be described as a drinking game, with a Candy Land like structure, a lot of confusing rules, and the floor is lava. You can find out more about it in this BuzzFeed articletrue-american-misomeru

Since we were having a ‘Murica party, nothing seemed more American than a game called True American, plus who doesn’t love to climb on other people’s furniture? But the game from New Girl takes a while to play and the rules aren’t super clear, so Jesse decided to rework the rules and the game so that we could play multiple times and keep people interested. And thus True American of 1776 was born!

To play you’re going to need red solo cups, a goblet or chalice of sorts (we used a PLASTIC wine glass), a picture of King George, duct tape and plenty of space to set up your “game board.” We used our garage to play and set up a table in the center of the room. In the middle of the table is where King George and the “chalice” go, they will be surrounded by red solo cups (the Red Coats). In the first two games we actually had the cups set up in a uniform manner, but stopped caring later in the night. You will need at least 6 cups per player, ie. 5 players equals 30 cups. Still with me?

Around the table is where you want to set up your “game board.” We used an assortment of chairs (we have a set of “party chairs” that are old and crappy that we used), cardboard boxes, door mats and pieces of plywood for “spaces” people stand on to stay out of the lava. The “spaces” were setup in a circular pattern around the table. Hopefully this really bad diagram helps: True American Game Board

To start the game all players stand around the table and chant “Paul Revere, Paul Revere, The British are Coming, The British are Coming” chugs their drink and start playing Flip Cup. The first person to flip their cup gets to go first, second person goes second, etc. The game starts as soon as the player going first gets to a spot on the board, so go fast!

You progress to different spaces on the board in one of three ways:

1. The Count. The player yells “one, two, three” and all the players proceed to hold up a number between one and five with their fingers on their forehead. They player holding a number no one else has wins, and moves the number of stops that they held up on their forehead.

2.  Complete a quote. The player will speak any quote or song lyric. Any other player that is able to complete the quote before the player finishes wins and can move 2 spaces with the person speaking the quote. If no one is able to finish the quote the player moves one space.

3. Something in Common. The player will yell two places, things or people. The first player that can name what the two items have in common wins and moves 3 places with the player whose turn it was. For example: Thomas Jefferson & George Washington = Presidents. New-Girl-strip-True-American-1-featured

Every time a person makes it to the table, they must defeat a Red Coat by chugging the contents of the cup. I recommend filling the cups only 1/4 of the way if you’re playing with beer, trust me. After your cup is empty you will duct tape it to your other cups. The goal is to get 6 cups duct taped together to form a “Scepter of Liberty.” Once you’ve formed your Scepter you will drink the contents of the chalice, scream something about America being awesome, and smash King George with the Scepter. Usually, people will also smash most of the remaining “Red Coats” as well, so if you play I recommend using a garage, basement or outside where you don’t care if beer goes everywhere.

Since we were playing this game in the middle of a party, we also made a bonus rule that any spectators could yell “Give Me Liberty” and every one yells “Or Give Me Death” in return and gets to move to the table and defeat a red coat, aka chug. The spectator also has to chug whatever drink is in their hand.

To cut down on too much confusion and to keep the pace kind of quick, we also had a referee for the game, usually Jesse. This person keeps track of who’s turn it is and who gets to move how many spaces. This helped a lot because tipsy people standing on chairs aren’t the fastest thinkers. ;)

I hope this makes sense to everyone, but if it doesn’t here’s a PDF for you to print off. I recommend printing off a couple so your guests can understand the game before playing too. True American RulesWe had a blast playing this game, and I hope you will do! Please let me know if you end up playing! I want to hear all about it!

Murica Party and July 4th Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend! We had one adventure after another, starting with our big ‘Murica party on Thursday night. I got off early on Thursday afternoon to head home and work on setting up the rest of our decorations. It was so much fun to go all out on the decor and provide a great party for our friends.

I started by decorating the staircase using red, white and blue streamers and a giant American flag I got for $3 on Amazon. America party decorationsI bought a bunch of the mini American flags in the Dollar Spot at Target and used them around the living room. Quick, simple, ‘murican. Sofa table Patriotic vignette America party decorations - Living RoomI used some extra fabric from my fabric stash and painted a little patriotic banner to hang under the mantle. I also used some extra mesh and a paper fan from the Dollar Store along with my teal frame, a bottle and pail I had one hand to decorate the mantle. Also, I painted and beefed up the mantle with some crown moulding, I’ll share more about this later this week. Patriotic Mantle 4th of July MantleThe dining room was decorated with a few paper fans and more of the leftover mesh. I like to keep the table simple so there’s room for the food. Just imagine this table full of food, because it was. Dining room July 4th decorationsI used a foam block and a few wooden letters hot glued to bamboo skewers for the centerpiece. Again festive, but simple. Patriotic July 4th centerpieceAlso, aren’t these napkins awesome?! I picked them up for less than $4 at Pier 1 Imports. 1776 was kind of a theme for the party, we even played a 1776 version of True American. I’ll be sharing a full printable with those True American rules and regulations on Wednesday! Party Like it's 1776I also tried my hand at making an American flag cake like the ones from Pinterest, and it was a success! I didn’t get to take a real picture of the cake since we cut it open in the middle of the party, but I got a fuzzy cell phone picture!American flag cakeThe decorations I was probably the most proud of though was the garage. I hung red, white and blue streamers from end to end along with a few festive paper globes and lanterns, plus another large flag and a few festive tablecloths.  Not pictured is the ice luge that we bought, it had shooting stars on the side, perfect for the theme. Also don’t you just love Jesse’s outfit? Yep, it was a costume party.America party decorations - garageThis party had to be one of my favorites that we’ve ever thrown. I don’t know if it was the costumes or the games or just the fact over 30 people showed up, but it was just epic. You’re all invited next time!Murica coupleAfter the party on Thursday we spent most of the day on our butts in front of the tv on Friday for a well needed break. I did have to get up and do a bunch of cleaning, but that waited until after 3 pm haha. Jesse did do a little grilling that evening and I made a homemade mac and cheese, but that was as productive as it got. July 4th grillingOn Saturday we slept in, again, and I spent the day cleaning and starting to get ready for Haven. I knew I was going to want to go shopping, but decided instead to work with what I had. I think I may have enough clothes to get me through 4 days. ;)  Haven packingOn Sunday, we spent most of the day out on our friend’s boat (which I didn’t get any pictures of, we were too busy swimming and tubing) and then ended the day with a cookout with another set of friends and a game of Battle of the Sexes.

Whew. I’m tired just thinking about all of the craziness of the weekend. It was an amazing time and now I’m ready to finish getting my house together and head to Haven! How was your 4th? I hope you had a blast too!

Patriotic Popsicle Sticks

There is nothing like having guests coming over to really light a fire under my butt to get things done around the house! Every day has been full of DIY and crafts for the past 4 days. And I kind of love it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tired, but I’m so motivated it’s kind of awesome. This weekend I worked on table settings and a few crafts. One of my favorite crafts were these Patriotic Popsicle Stick Flags. Patriotic popsicle stick flagsI started by painting a bunch of craft sticks red, white and blue, then laying them out into the pattern I wanted to use for my flags. Since I was cutting the blue sticks into halves, I laid it out so there would be 1.5 sticks per flag. Popsicle stick patriotic craftTo assemble the flags I cut unpainted sticks in half and hot glued them to the backs of the flags. Popsicle stick flags - backsideAfter the flags were assembled I cut the blue sticks in half and hot glued three halves to the upper left corner. Patriotic flags from popsicle sticksInstead of painting on stars or buying star stickers I thought it would be fun to use a small paint brush and make little firework type stars on the blue. Popsicle stick patriotic flag garlandAfter everything was dry I glued the flags to a red ribbon four inches apart and tied some pieces of mesh, leftover from my mesh wreath, between each flag. Patriotic party craftsThe flags are hanging on the back of our cabinets, which is above where the food will be served for our party Thursday. As you can see in the above picture I made a few tissue paper pom poms and hung them in the dining room too. I’ll share all the party decorations and details on Friday! Red white and blue flag garlandI love these little flags and the fun pop of USA pride they bring to the dining room! I’m seriously so excited for our party and cannot wait to show you guys EVERYTHING. Well mostly everything ;)

Have you been doing any 4th of July crafting? What are your plans for the 4th? Can’t wait to show you more projects tomorrow! 

Bloggy Business Cards

In just two short weeks I will be hopping on a plane and flying to Atlanta for Haven! I’ve wanted to go since the first Haven back in 2012 and am so excited to be making it happen this year! Even more exciting is that I get to meet (and room with) Jess from Little House. Big Heart! Jess was one of my first blog friends when I started this journey almost 3 years ago. After years of commenting on each others’ blogs and emailing we started talking on G-chat on a fairly regular basis and now we’re texters. A bloggy friendship is special because you have someone to talk blog/house stuff with that geeks out as much as you. Seriously so excited to have her as a roomie!

In addition to my Haven excitement, I’ve also been working on some things to make the blog better and easier to navigate for other bloggers that I might meet that want to go through past projects or check out my home tour. I moved my menu bar to the top of the page and my projects now have a nifty drop-down menu! I’ve been updating the different categories to include all of my project posts and am almost done. I also plan on updating our home tour this weekend, since I’ll be cleaning for our party anyway. Gotta take advantage of rare moments when the house is spotless!

Another thing that I needed for Haven was business cards! I got mine back in May, but realized I’d never blogged about them! They are pretty awesome. Attempts at Domestication business cardsThey were designed for me by a friend in exchange for lunch. Seriously. He’s awesome. He’s not really doing much design right now or I’d share is name. business cards frontThe front of the card has my logo, of course, and blog email address. Since I a circle in my logo and for most of my icons my friend thought that the circles in various colors would be a fun background that would still reflect my brand. business cards backFor the back we used a photo from my session with Marvelous Things Photography (who is an amazing photographer and you should check her out!) and layered my social media information over the picture. In my head shots I’m wearing a pink t-shirt (it’s my favorite shirt) so pink has become a bit of an accent color for the blog. My friend wanted to bring that pink out in the shirt and in my blog title. Also I know that my last name isn’t super top secret information, I used it here when I first started blogging and it’s been in pictures on several posts, but I still wanted to cover it up.

I’m seriously so excited for Haven and to meet a bunch of fabulous bloggers, and Jess! Plus I can’t wait to hand out these cards, because they are pretty freaking awesome!

Garage Storage Shelves

Keeping our garage clean organized is a never-ending battle around here. Every time either one of us works on a project we just clear an area to work in and push everything else to the side. It’s a terrible system. The only time we really clean the garage is when we have a party because I like to keep the majority of the mess, and all of the beer pong, out of the house. With our July 4th party coming up in less than two weeks it was time to clean the garage, yet again. It took most of the weekend, hence why I skipped the Weekend Recap yesterday. Who wants to read about garages twice?

The biggest eyesore in the garage this time around were the storage boxes filled with seasonal decorations and our childhood toys and books. The shelves in our shed were already full and the hole to get into the attic is too small to fit most of these boxes through, so they had to stay in the garage. Bleh. Organizing the garageI seriously don’t know how we ever get anything done in here. Messy garage of 2014Anyway, to solve the storage box dilemma we decided to build some shelves to store the boxes and other garage necessities that clutter the floors. I really wanted something that would fit in the corner next to the garage door with at least 3 shelves, plus space underneath for stuff like gas and weed killer. Garage storage shelvesWe measured our space and decided the best dimensions would be 34″ wide (to allow the garage door to open and close) and 5′ long. We then measured our storage boxes to figure out how tall each shelf would need to be. We decided around 20″ would be best, which made the total height of the shelves about 6 ft tall. I have to use a step stool, but Jesse can reach the top no problem. Armed with our total measurements, off to Home Depot we went for our supplies. We needed:

  • 2 4×8 plywood sheets
  • 10 8 ft. 2x4s
  • 1 box 3″ deck screws
  • 1 box 1 1/4 screws (for attaching the plywood)

Shelf suppliesAfter we got home Jesse got to work making all of the cuts while I worked on another project and went to the grocery store. And guys, he made a cut list! We usually have a problem with our building posts not being very detailed because: we discuss a project, make a plan, high five, buy the supplies, Jesse starts building (usually while I’m asleep or not home), I step in to try to watch or help, Jesse gets annoyed, I get annoyed, I move on to another project, Jesse finishes building, I paint/stain/seal, I take pictures, I start writing post and ask Jesse how he built it, Jesse says “I don’t know,” I get annoyed again, post goes live with me explaining things the best I can, people ask a bunch of questions and for things like cut lists. The nerve. This time he made a cut list and helped with the picture taking, so I call that a win!

  • Start by cutting 4 of the 2x4s down to 6 ft. long. These will be the legs for the shelves.
  • Cut 6 of the 2x4s to 57 inches. These are the braces that run along the front of the shelves.
  • Cut the rest of those 2x4s down to 31 inches. These are the braces that run along sides of the shelves.
  • Cut the plywood into 2 57″ by 34″ for the bottom shelves.
  • Use the left over plywood to make 2 30″ by 34″ pieces. These will make the top shelf, and save you money instead of buying a third full sheet of plywood.

Everybody still awake? It’s time for the fun part, assembly! Start by marking where you want to attach the front braces. We attached the first one 20″ from the bottom, then 20″ from that and the last one at the top (another 20″ up). Make sure you take the measurements from the top of the 2×4 braces!Constructing garage storage shelves


You’ll want to lay the 2×4 flat when attaching it to the legs. This allows you to attached the side braces behind the front braces and gives you a more polished look. Garage storage shelf bracesAfter the frame is assembled it’s time to start attaching your shelves! Garage storage shelves frameAt this point, we could have painted the shelves or stained them, but it’s just going in the garage, no need to be fancy. Adding plywood shelvesAfter everything is attached, it’s time to load ‘er up! It felt so good to get all that crap off the floor and bring some order to the garage chaos. Garage organizationAlong with the storage boxes I loaded the shelves with bags of potting soil, firewood, a bin of scrap wood and a bin of cardboard boxes for shipping things. You can also see that I added another shelf with paint stuff on it. This shelf was bent in a bunch of places and covered in spider webs in the shed, but I decided to bring it in and take a rubber mallet to the bent spots and wipe it down to use it for my painting stuff. I used to keep my painting supplies in one of three closets in the house, which was annoying. Now I’ve got most of the stuff I need (a lot of the paint is still inside) in one convenient location. Paint storageWe still have to finish cleaning the other side of the garage, Jesse wants to do it so I’m not moving his stuff around. But we’re almost back to having an actual work space again! 

I hope you all had a great weekend! Is your garage as messy as ours? Please make me feel better and tell me yes! ;)

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Friday Favorites – America Edition

I can’t tell you how ready for the weekend I am! After being so busy last weekend I am ready for some R&R! I’ve been wanting to hit up a few yard sales around town, but I don’t think that’s going to happen tomorrow. That’s okay though, after I get some sleep I will be ready to be productive! One of the reasons I’m so ready to be productive is because we are having a Fourth of July party! And if you know anything about Jesse and I, you know we kind of like to go all out for parties. The last big party we had was my sister’s graduation party last year, and I’m ready for another. I’ve got my party budget and I’ve been scouring Pinterest for decoration ideas and inspiration!

I love these patriotic Mason Jars from H2O Bungalow! They would be perfect for utensils and straws, or as vases around the house. Patriotic-Mason-Jar-DIY-Decorations-H2OBungalow

Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow had an amazing idea to make a banner using Popsicle sticks! She used small sticks, but if I used large ones I could make a bigger version to hang in the dining room or garage. Patriotic-Popsicle-Stick-Garland-8

Like most bloggers out there, I have an obsession with Washi tape, so I really love this Washi tape flag from While He Was Napping. A quick easy craft to add some patriotic fun to a mantel or table setting! Patriotic USA Washi Tape Wooden Flag

And of course you can’t go wrong with some free patriotic printables, like this banner from I Should Be Mopping the Floor. It would be awesome at the front of the bar or hanging from my mantel. patriotic banner

I also plan on buying some streamers and balloons from the Dollar Store and making some red, white and blue tissue paper pom poms to hang around the house. And you can’t have a party without fun straws, plates and napkins. Pier 1 has some awesome “Party Like It’s 1776″ napkins that I cannot resist picking up! Party like it's 1776 napkins

You can follow my Pinterest board for the party here. I also have a Patriotic playlist that I’m building on Spotify, feel free to borrow it, it’s called Murica

What are you working on or looking forward to this weekend? I have a few small house projects I’d like to work on before the party too, so we’ll see how many I can get done! Happy Friday!

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