We tied the knot on April 16, 2011 and while our wedding was FAR from being totally DIY, we did do a lot of things ourselves. And by that I mean, I dreamed things up and Hubsy made them happen. He’s the best! So I figured I’d share some wedding photos and a list of all of the things we DIYed.

We were supposed to get married outside in a park, but it stormed severely most of the day (complete with tornado warnings) so we had to move everything indoors. The reception venue was The Bellwood Club, which is on base at the Defense Supply Center, a little south of Richmond. We were married by Rick, the pastor who led our youth group when Jesse and I first met. Our photographer was a friend of mine from college, Tory Doughty, and she did a beautiful job! 

She was even kind enough to go out with us the next day to take more pictures of us at Henricus Historical Park, where we were originally supposed to tie the knot.

On to the DIY!
The Hubsy is a bit of a computer nerd, so he designed our Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs and Thank You’s at home on the computer and we had them printed locally for cheap. Except for the lovely R on the top of the programs, I did that! The invitations are my favorite because we made “pockets” on the back of each one so that all of our guests information would be organized for them.

Next was the gorgeous arbor you see in the background of our first dance picture! Our pastor stood beneath it during the ceremony. Jesse really blew my mind with that one and I can’t wait to have it leading the way to our backyard! 

For a more personal touch, Jesse made my garter out of a bandanna. We always wear bandannas during the summer when staffing youth camps and I thought it was a fun, yet meaningful way to incorporate more of “us” into our wedding.

My lovely college roommate Lindsey painted a mailbox for our cards the day before the wedding because I had wanted to do it, but ran out of time. Again, when we get a house I plan on using it as our mailbox (after a few coats of sealer or shellac to make it weather proof).

And last but not least: the cake stand. I threw a Bridezilla fit over wanting the cupcakes on a cake stand that looked like a cake and Hubsy was kind enough to oblige me. Or he was scared… but either way it got done! And I loved it! Now I don’t know what to do with it! Any suggestions?? 

And yes that is Han Solo and Princess Leia on top of our cake. We are THAT nerdy!

Other Special Touches
My gorgeous dress was purchased from Alfred Angelo. I love the green accents and the embellishments had a very woodland feel. (Are you sensing the “nature” theme yet?) 

My shoes were Khussa Indian shoes that I got from this website. I love how unique and sparkly they are!

The pearls I wore belong to my mom and were my “Something Borrowed.”

All of the bouquets, including mine, and boutonnieres were faux flowers. They saved us a ton of money and we get to keep them forever.

All the boys in the bridal party wore Sambas because they are Jesse’s favorite shoes and I couldn’t picture him in any others.