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This is not a post about my grandmother, it’s about Jesse, whom I affectionately call Oma when he bakes. He got his stuff together the other day to make a batch of dough and I documented his mad grandma skills 😉 I bought this book for him for either Christmas or his birthday last year. It has a bunch of different recipes and techniques, but he just made plain old Artisan bread this time. Water and oil going into the mixing bowl.Yeast… this stuff smells so terrible. And after a few minutes, the flour gets added. We bought unbleached all purpose flour this time around. Now to let it ferment. Jesse likes to put his dough in the fridge for at least a few days to let it sit and ferment, he says it adds more flavor. We usually break off a little dough at a time and have a small loaf of bread with dinner or as a snack, so typically the last loaf is always the best tasting. I’ll have to get some pictures of him baking later this week, so you can see how it turns out! And while he was doing that I was shopping for the stuff I need to paint my chair. 

I decided on Midnight Blue and bought most of my supplies yesterday. I still have 2 more things to get, but I really want to get started on this tonight! I also bought some supplies to make a new piece of art for the house. I was inspired yesterday morning by YHL’s post about their master bath and some art Sherry made awhile back. 

I want to do it in shades of blue, with some gray, black, and maybe purple. We’ll see what I decide on, but I’m pretty excited!

What artsy projects are you up to lately? Done any baking? 

**Today I’m also linking up my It’s a Cinch project with Karah at The Space Between, Kelly at Eclectically Vintage, Linda at it all started with paint, Andrea at The Cottage Market, and Kari at Thistlewood Farm, so swing by and show me some love! :)**






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My Oma — 11 Comments

  1. Baking, for some reason, is not something I ever do. I love baked things, and bread especially, but I just never get around to it! My grandma even gave me a bread maker machine thingy… maybe I should break that out one of these days.

    Excited to see your chair!

  2. ahhhhhh! Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day is my FAVORITE book! we make a big batch weekly and it’s so delicious. we have a french bread pan, do you have one of those? there is something about fresh bread in a baguette shape that is so delicious :).

  3. I went to a workshop about that book, and it’s really quite amazing what you can do with the base. Of course, I’ve never actually done it. I’m a bit of a crazy woman and I really hate getting flour all over my kitchen. So, I rarely make bread. Other than pizza crust, I make most of my dough in the breadmaker. Ryan’s a sourdough bread afficionado, but I stay out of the way because all the flour in the kitchen gives me fits.

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