Much Ado About Trim

In the midst of getting stuff together for the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, I’ve also been thinking about house stuff. So much house stuff! As many of you know our inspection was yesterday, and it went well. The heat pump needs to be serviced and the french doors in the dining area (they lead to the back yard) need to be replaced, but those are the only really large repairs that we are asking the seller to fix. Aside from that, and some minor caulking and drainage spout extensions, every thing looks really good! We are so happy about that!

Which takes us on to the aesthetics of the house, and what I can’t stop obsessing over thinking about… the wood trim! Since Jesse has more leave for work than I do, he took off yesterday to go to the inspection. I asked him to take a ton more pictures so I could show you all, and to help with my room planning and decorating visions. Well, while he was there snapping pictures he came to the realization that he LOVES the wood trim… yep the wood trim that I previously posted about wanting to paint white (more on that here). 

How can we compromise on this issue? It’s not like you can paint half the trim and stop! Or can you? After thinking a lot, and loosing some sleep last night (I’m one of those people that can’t turn off my brain at night so I lay there FOREVER thinking about random crap) I had an idea. Since Jesse’s biggest issue with the painting is that he hates painted windows and doors, he just doesn’t like how they look, what if we don’t paint those? We can just paint the baseboards and trim around the doors white and leave natural wood on the doors and windows! Have I lost you yet? Take a look at these pictures I found:

The thing most of these pictures have in common is pairing white trim with dark wood. Even though the wood is usually in the stairs or furniture and not the doors or windows. What I’m getting at is white looks good with a dark, rich wood tone! So why wouldn’t white base boards, door frames, and chair rail look good with dark doors and windows? It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the house, so I’m not sure if the windows are dark enough wood to pull this off (I know the doors are), but Jesse did say he’d be willing to stain the windows, so long as they remained natural wood. I’ve been looking into Mahogany and Espresso for a deep color, but it depends on how dark things are already.

So, what do you think? Am I crazy? We are definitely open to suggestions on this issue!

Images found here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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