Meeting Young House Love

A little over a year ago I started a new job and needed to find something to help me pass the slower days, so a friend recommended I check out this blog called Young House Love. I’d never read a blog before and wasn’t really into DIY, but something about this blog pulled me in, aside from the fact the couple lived in the same city as me. I got so sucked in that I even went back and read every post that I could, from the very beginning. I was so inspired by everything that they had done in their homes and it made me realize how much our apartment was missing. I started reading other blogs and found more and more inspiration within them. I decided to start my own projects and my own blog. Blogging has led me on an incredible journey of finding a hobby that I love, strengthening my love for my house and helping me make a ton of great friends, and I attribute all of that to John and Sherry of YHL. 

When the Petersiks first announced that they were working on writing a book with fresh ideas and projects, I was ecstatic. I was even more excited that they were doing a book tour and having a signing in our city. Their first Richmond signing was on Thursday at an event called R-Home for the Holidays, which tickets sold out for within the first 24 hours! John and Sherry spoke about what they’ve learned from blogging and some tips for making your house reflect you and it was almost exactly like reading their blog, it was so familiar and I love that they are the exact same people on the blog and in real life! (Funny side note, we were sitting 2 rows behind John’s parents!) 

As I stood in line, I was totally at ease talking with my friend Tori that went with me, but as soon as I got to the front of the line and Sherry said hello, I froze. I gushed about how much I loved them and how excited I was to finally meet them. I was so embarrassed for turning into a fan girl! 

The great thing about John and Sherry though, is that they don’t let you feel awkward for long! Sherry commented on my twangy VA accent and said that it reminded her of Katie Bower‘s accent. We then talked about Katie and how she’s about ready to pop (she’s super pregnant) and chatted like we were all friends. While Sherry and I chatted about Katie, John talked to Tori about her photography business, she’s an amazing wedding photographer! They are so easy to talk to and down to earth, if you love their blog and haven’t met them yet, you need to! 

You also need to get their book! It is full of fresh ideas that aren’t on their blog! It also helps when trying to convince your husband to let you decorate in certain ways 😉 I definitely have a bunch of ideas in mind and cannot wait to share them with you all as I use them! 

Have you been to a Young House Love book signing yet? Or at least have the book? If not, you need to! I hope there’s one coming near you! 

**One of the perks of having a photographer friend is amazing pictures! Most of these photos are thanks to Marvelous Things Photography.**
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