Just Monkeying Around


I feel so all over the place right now! There is so much going on and I feel like I can’t sit down and finish anything! It’s so frustrating! But anyway… I did finally get my picture window hung on the wall in our bedroom!

I went through quite the ordeal to track down the hardware for this. I was so nervous that it was going to fall off the wall, or put too big of a hole, etc. At first I bought these giant brackets that hold up to 200 lbs.needed to be screwed in to the wall in 5 different spots, but Jesse was out of town and I couldn’t bring myself to do that without him. Boy am I glad I waited! Jesse, ever the realist, informed me that the window didn’t weigh more than 30 lbs. and that I was being ridiculous, what else is new? So he went to Lowe’s and came back with D hooks and Monkey Hooks. The D hooks got screwed into the sides of the window, so they wouldn’t be visible after hanging.Next we installed the Monkey Hooks. These things are so awesome! It’s just a wire that you shove into the drywall and you twist and turn it until it goes all the way in and all you’re left with is the actual hook part.These little hooks can hold up to 50 lbs. (depending on which ones you buy) and are so awesome! Plus they don’t leave too large of a hole in the wall. We hung up the window and it feels solid as a rock! I took a bunch of pictures but my camera is being weird and randomly stopped uploading, I think I have a bad USB cord actually. So forgive the quality of these last three, they were taken on my iPhone. It feels really good to get another project on the walls and see things coming together little by little. Now all the bedroom needs is some side tables, a headboard, a few more pieces of art, a mirror, a bench, and possibly a darker stain on that dresser. That’s not too much right? *GULP*

Oh and Monkey Hooks doesn’t know me or give me money, they are just super awesome! 🙂


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