Holiday Wish List

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m beyond excited for Christmas on Monday/Tuesday! I absolutely love Christmas! The lights, the treats, the delicious food, everyone gathered together, and of course the gifts are nice too. I wouldn’t be a normal human being if I didn’t like presents 😉

1. A tripod for my new camera. I’m really excited about my camera, but I’ve definitely got shaky hands and daylight savings has really affected my ability to take decent pictures for the blog but a new tripod would definitely fix that problem!

2. I need a new pea coat, badly. The one I’ve got has high-water sleeves and I can’t button it across the chest haha.

3. No Christmas would be complete without a gift card of some sort! And I’m definitely digging Home Goods for accessories and those special little touches around the house.

4. These booties are from Target and are adorable and I want them. Enough said.

5. My favorite pjs in the world are my flannels, but unfortunately they are full of holes and falling apart so some new ones under the tree would be more than welcome.

6. And of course everyone has to have the one “big” gift they want and for me it’s tickets to the Mary Poppins Musical. The show is coming to Richmond in February and I absolutely must go!

So what’s on your Christmas list? I hope you’ve all been nice and get what you want! 😉

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