Goals for 29

Hey there everyone! I’ve been down and out with the flu for the past few days, but thanks to Tamiflu (and catching it early) I’m feeling much better. This flu was particularly ill timed because Jesse and I had plans for a date night to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a loooong while since we had a date night, so hopefully now that I am feeling better we can reschedule soon. But all this time in bed has been great for reflecting on what I want this year to look like. While I don’t have a bucket list of “30 Before 30” goals, I do have some general goals for the year. I usually hold-off on my goal-setting for my birthday rather than New Year’s since they are in the same month. This year will look especially different for our family as I’m adjusting to being hugely pregnant and then to having a newborn at home again.

One goal I have for myself is to work on my time management skills. I felt like I was in a really great place in the late Spring and Summer (right before I got pregnant). I was accomplishing projects around the house, blogging pretty regularly, taking Mara out several days a week and was on top of the house cleaning. I had a great schedule for what I wanted my days to look like, with flexibility for when things didn’t go exactly according to plan. Now that I’m feeling better (minus this bought of flu) I’ve been working on returning to this schedule and plan. The biggest struggle is getting up earlier so I can develop a better morning routine. I’ve talked about my morning routine before and it really is vital. I may not try to fit as much in so I can get some extra baby-growing sleep, but still getting up before Mara for a little bit of quiet time would do me a lot of good. Obviously any schedule that I establish will have to be EXTREMELY flexible to account for all the changes my body and the new baby will throw at us. But I don’t think that changes the fact that I operate and feel better when I have a small to-do list and schedule to follow each day.

Another goal I have for the next few months is to try to date my husband. We haven’t been on an actual date since the summer, which is why my birthday was so needed, which is just not cool. I’d like to do something once a month from now until June (or whenever the baby comes). Once the baby comes it will be awhile before we will be able to go out, so we need to take advantage now. We obviously are in saving mode so we can buy some necessities for the new baby, but swinging a nice-ish dinner once a month is so doable. Our time together is so important and so is getting out of the house. Being sick with the flu really has me appreciating Jesse more than usual. He’s been a rockstar hanging out with Mara, doing all the errands, keeping the house tidy and making all of the meals. I’m so thankful for everything he’s done and that it’s kept both he and Mara flu-free. 

Another big thing for me is that I need to unplug more. Being sick (pregnancy) had me laying around on my phone all the time and created quite a nasty habit. I often find myself caught in the loop of checking my email and social media and then refreshing and checking them again. It’s definitely ridiculous and over the top. I need to just put my phone away or in a drawer and leave it there for much of the day. I feel like it makes my posts more intentional (and therefore, better) because I have time set aside to only work on them and then be done. Unplugging before bedtime is especially important because I’ve found that I sleep better if I turn off my phone at least 20-30 minutes before bed. I used to read during that time and am going to try to start that up again. I have a few books on my list to read, but I’m always looking for more! I’ve found that educational or self-help type books are best for me because they aren’t fascinating enough for me to want to stay up later reading them. 

Along with reading more, I need to work on just taking care of me more often. It’s been forever since I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed or even painted my toenails. For me, those things are low on the priority list. I shower every day, but that’s about it. If it’s a day when I wash my hair, then it usually ends up in a wet, messy bun that I can’t really recover from once it’s dry. Right before I got the flu I had actually taken the time to fix my hair and paint my fingernails and I felt SO SO much better about myself on those days. I felt like I could take on the world, which made me realize that time for self-care is actually important. This doesn’t mean I need perfectly curled hair or a face full of makeup to go to the grocery store, but having my hair down and a little mascara on definitely makes it more enjoyable.

I think just working on these areas of my life are going to greatly improve my mood and my quality of life, both now and after the baby comes. When I learned the importance of time management and having a schedule with Mara things got easier, so hopefully with that knowledge I can make life with 2 just a bit easier. I know nothing will be perfect, but I’m looking for easier not perfect. Good planning and self-care will at least mean that I feel more refreshed and relaxed.

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