What We’re Giving Up for Lent 2017

Hey-o! Good news! We are still alive! Last week was super rough for Jesse and I. He had a flu-like virus that wasn’t actually the flu and I had bronchitis. Let me tell you (if you didn’t already know) keeping up with a baby while you feel like death is tough. It’s even tougher when your meds give you extreme insomnia. I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep bit, but at least I’m not coughing incessantly anymore!

Anyway, on to the point of today’s post: Lent. I shared on here a few years ago that I started participating in Lent with my former office in solidarity for one of our coworkers. It became a tradition for the office, and I’ve kept up with it since leaving that job. For me it’s about self-betterment and usually what I give up is health related. This year it’s health and budget related. Jesse and I are giving up eating out. I can’t tell you how much money I waste a week on Chickfila or Starbucks, or how often meat in the fridge goes bad because I didn’t feel like cooking it and opted for take out instead.

The plan is that we will simply eat before going out to run errands or whatever. If we’re leaving before meal times then we will just pack something to eat. I already pack food for Mara when we go out, so I can just take a bigger bag and pack something for myself, or Jesse and I, as well. I’m really hoping that once Lent is over we will have created a habit of being more intentional with our eating and meal planning. This isn’t to say we never want to eat out again, it’s just so easy to “forget” to eat and then make bad choices once you’re starving.

I’m also planning on giving up soda again. I’ve gotten in the bad habit of drinking soda in the afternoons for an extra caffeine boost and I’d like to focus on drinking more water again instead. I did pick up some Crystal Light to help me out when I’m in the mood for a little added flavor, but I’m going to try to stick to just water and coffee (there’s no way I’m giving that up!) for the most part. I’m not giving up wine/alcohol like I have in the past, but I am going to reserve it for more special occasions. Plus, that means I can still go out to restaurants with my girlfriends and not be the annoying chick that only gets water. I never turn down a girls’ night out when it comes up, which isn’t very often.

This year the end of Lent (Easter) falls on our anniversary, so we are going to use the money we save from not eating out to go on a really nice date. Last year our anniversary was the week we got home from the hospital when Mara had her surgery, so we only went to a quick dinner. By quick I’m talking 45 minutes. I was so anxious leaving her, even though she was with my mom, that we went to a restaurant next to our neighborhood, ate and left. It will be nice this year to spend more time together at a nicer place.

Wish us luck! I know it’s going to be tough, but oh so worth it! I’m curious, if you do lent, what are you giving up this year?


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What We’re Giving Up for Lent 2017 — 3 Comments

  1. La Croix sparkling water totally helps with soda cravings btw! It’s bubbly, there’s the satisfying sound of opening the can (is that just me? Lol) and it’s zero sugars and everything. Plus lots of flavors. I’m kiiiiind of addicted to it.

    I always plan to give up fast food for lent. But that’s during Shamrock shake season, so I just can’t do it! 😉
    I also have less than zero will power when it comes to bad food choices. No matter how much I want to give it up, I can’t do it!

  2. I don’t typically do the lent thing, even though I know a lot of people who do.

    But I will say that I have not drunk any soda since July 13 2016, and I am so proud of myself! It’s one of those things that are really hard for me to give up, but it does nothing for me nutritionally so it made the most sense to get that out of my system more than anything else I consumed. It took a few days to get over that tired feeling in the afternoon on the days I stopped drinking it. After that it was really just sometimes WANTING it more than feeling like I NEED it.

    My husband and I eat out way too much. I’m not sure we could give it up altogether. It’s really one of our favorite things to do. For awhile I was trying to only eat out 3 times a week (instead of every day) but the last couple weeks I’ve been really busy and I just don’t feel like cooking, so we’ve basically been eating out every day.

    But it really is all about planning. If I decide ahead of time what to make for lunch or dinner, etc, then I’ll be way more likely to do it. So I’d highly suggest planning the day before what you’re going to prepare the next day, and then you can defrost whatever meat in a timely manner so that you can’t use the excuse I always make, “oops, I forgot to defrost the meat, now we have to go out to eat!”

    And I second Ashley’s comment of La Croix. There is also some cheap seltzer at walmart I think the brand is Vintage, it comes in larger bottles that you can pour into a glass with ice. I know there is both plain and lemon/lime, but there may be other flavors too. I’ve always just liked the simple lemon/lime flavor. Anyway, non-sweetened carbonated drinks have really helped me get over soda because I never drink anything sweet anymore (since I never drink juice either). You gotta watch out for the 0 calorie flavored carbonated water which is sweetened with aspartame. For me, the best is to get completely non-sweetened.

    I often will have some seltzer with my lunch, or sometimes I’ll drink plain water at lunch, then do some work, and a bit later take an afternoon break to watch an episode of Barefoot Contessa in bed while drinking my glass of iced seltzer.

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