Girly Bathroom Updates

I know. I’m supposed to be working on Jesse and I’s master bathroom right now, but when the universe presents you with the perfect mirror for your daughter’s bathroom you get a little side tracked. The guest bath, which is now Mara’s, was the biggest project that we’ve undertaken in this house. It’s also one of my favorite spaces, and now it is 100% complete. It’s the only room in the house that I don’t have plans to change in some way in the future. It definitely gets all the heart eyes. tiffany blue girls bath

Before I go into details about the finishing touches, let’s go back to the beginning. This room was a fleshy colored mess. 069

I painted it, bought a shower curtain, hung some art and called it a day. It was still kind of a mess. guest bath2 11.2013

Then, we discovered some issues with the tile around the toilet and the bathtub. This lead to tearing out the tile, the toilet, the subfloor and replacing them. We replaced the toilet and tile with a more modern look and painted the cabinet and closet doors white. We also ripped out the chair rail, which I felt visually divided the room. I wanted to paint this bathroom pink (pre-baby girl) but Jesse vetoed that, so I went with a very feminine Tiffany-esque blue. I snuck some peachy-pink in with the shower curtain and towels. feminine-blue-bathroom

I’m not usually a fan of distressed looking pieces, but we already had a towel rack in that style in our laundry room, so I transplanted it to this room. I purchased a similar style shelf from At Home to hang over the toilet and rehung my Tunnel of Love sign over that. That sign was a yard sale find 6 years ago and is still one of my favorite finds ever. Once I reached this stage in the project I called it a day. Well, more accurately I called it a year. You can find that post

Then, one day, I was purusing the internet looking for a new mirror for the master bathroom and I stumbled across an ornate, off white, slightly distressed mirror on the Kirkland’s website. (This one) It was on sale and I knew that it was just what was missing for Mara’s bathroom. I packed up the baby and headed to our closest Kirkland’s hoping to get a peek at the mirror in person. (I’m not an online shopper. I like to see and touch things in person before I buy them. Anything house related that I have ever purchased online I have returned because it never feels right.) They had one, it was perfect, so I bought it. 

While I was out, I also hit up our local HomeGoods to try to track down some new bath mats. We’d been using some grey ones, but I wanted something different that would tie the floors in with the rest of the room. I also wanted a geometric pattern to layer with the floral shower curtain. Surprisingly, I found exactly what I wanted that day on my first try. It was a home decor miracle! (That seriously never happens to me). blue and peach bathroom

Now this bathroom is bright, cheery and finished. I love it! We’ve been using this bathroom since our master has been out of commision and I’m contemplating leaving my things in here. I’m seriously going to miss it when ours is done. I guess it will be a good motivator to make sure the master is equally as gorgeous. girly bathroom

feminine bathroom details

Speaking of our master bath, it’s supposed to rain all weekend, so guess what I’ll be working on! I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!

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