Getting Sentimental

I think part of the reason I am so excited for Christmas and in the holiday spirit this year is because it is Jesse and I’s first Christmas as a family. We get to kinda do things our way, at our own pace and it’s exciting and WAY more laid back than what I’m used to. My mom has a spaz attack during the holidays and can make the holidays more stressful than enjoyable (sorry Mom!) But this year I’m the queen of my castle and Christmas is going my way at my pace and since I’m a control freak that is exciting to me!

Well, in keeping with the whole first Christmas thing I decided to make the wedding invitation ornament that’s been floating around on Pinterest. Jesse and I saved a lot of our invitations. We have one framed in the bedroom, one in the downstairs bathroom, one in our coffee table, one in a box of momentos and one in our wedding guest book so I decided to take one of those and use it in an ornament. I used the one from the coffee table, replaced it with our Star Wars Original Trilogy collection, (Have you seen my coffee table? It’s a giant shadow box! I’ll have to show you tomorrow) and got to work.

Now I got so excited about this project that I jumped right in without taking any pictures, so I replicated the process with a blank piece of paper for visual purposes.

– Cut the invitation/paper into 1-2 inch strips.

– Wrap your paper around a thin pen or pencil,┬ápreferably one that will fit in the top of the ball. Don’t overlap the paper too much or it won’t uncurl to fill the ball! (I drew lines on this picture to show just how far apart I spaced the curls)

– Stick the tip of the pen/pencil and one or two layers of wrapping into the opening at the top. Then slide the whole thing into the ball. (No pics of this because I need 2 hands and Hubsy wasn’t around to help out.)
– Keep repeating til the whole invitation is inside. You may need to use your pen/pencil to push the paper around to make it look more full or uncurl your paper a bit more.
– Hang it on your tree so every time you see it you say “Awww, Honey, our wedding!” Ok, maybe that’s just me…

How are you bringing the sentimental and sappy into your Christmas decorations this year?? I’ve got a real tear jerker for Tuesday! ­čÖé

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