Friday Potpourrie – Vol. 7

Heyo! Happy Friday! Mara and I had a pretty good week, spending lots of time outside and a few playdates, but I’m ready for the weekend! I think Jesse and I are having a little date night tonight and our weekend will be full of family time and hopefully a little DIY!

Speaking of DIY, I’m WAY behind on the bathroom. As in, I haven’t done a single thing kind of behind. I probably won’t make my self imposed deadline, but I’m going to haul ass and try to get things done anyway. We hit another hiccup with the shower, but everything should be fixed for real this time. That means this weekend/next week I will be painting the walls, finishing the cabinets and shopping around for rugs and other accessories. I’m disappointed that we haven’t been more on top of this, but I really hope I can make up for it.

One of the reasons I’m behind is because 3 special people in my life graduated over the past 2 weeks! The first is Jesse! He’s been working on his MBA one class at a time (including summers) for the past several years and he’s finally done! I’m so proud of him for working so hard (he graduated with a 4.0!) even with all the crazy life changes that have happened, like having a baby! This dude really is the best! IMG_4331

Both of my little sisters also graduated from VCU this past weekend! I’m so proud of them and I can’t wait to see where life takes them! Also, how in the world are my sisters now adults?! I feel like a whole door of new possibilities for our relationships just opened and I’m excited for this next chapter. Also, aren’t they gorgeous?! IMG_9449IMG_9474

This past weekend we also celebrated Mother’s Day. While this wasn’t my first Mother’s Day, it was certainly more enjoyable than last year. Taking care of a 7 week old newborn is just exhausting and all I wanted was sleep. This year we enjoyed a family breakfast at Cracker Barrel (I LOVE their pancakes), we all took a long morning nap, then we visited our moms, got takeout for dinner, and watched a movie. Perfection. Jesse bought Mara some Mega Blocks as a little gift (after all she’s the reason I’m a mom). It has been such a joy to all sit on the floor and play with them as a family each night. I got a few gifts too, like flowers, a big ole Starbucks gift card (should last me several weeks) and not having to clean at all. The weather was beautiful and it was just a great day.IMG_4358

I hope you all have a great weekend! Fingers crossed ours is equal parts fun and productive!

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