Friday Potpourri – Vol. 5

Happy Fridaaaaayyyyyy!!! I’m so excited for this weekend! I have some fun plans with girlfriends tomorrow and then absolutely NOTHING to do on Sunday (other than run and go to the grocery store). I know that I will be busy getting things ready for Mara’s party, but that’s fun stuff. Mostly. I’m sure I will find a way to be overly busy and will be exhausted come Monday, but for now I choose to be excited.

I was originally not planning on posting anything today, but something hilarious happened to me last night. I went to a special blogger preview of the Southern Women’s Show here in Richmond with a few friends in the evening. We drank champagne, watched a few makeup demonstrations and mini fashion shows, and then networked. It wasn’t a very late event and we were in our cars to leave by 8 pm. I was excited to be home at a decent time so Jesse and I could catch up on The 100 and go to bed early #momlife.

Well, I got in my car and noticed a weird “wum wum” sound and my tire pressure light started going off. I had a flat tire. Completely flat. Luckily, two of my friends were leaving right behind me and stopped when I pulled over. I called Kia Roadside Assistance, since my car is under a year old I still have that service for free. They gave me a wait time of 30 minutes, which doesn’t seem that long unless you are sitting in your car with nothing to do. My friends ran out to grab some food, but I had to stay with my car until the repair guy showed up.

While I’m sitting in my car on the phone someone for the event space comes up to ask me if everything is ok. I explain the situation and he says “It’s a good thing I came over here. I almost locked the gates and you would have been locked in for the night.” I think my eyes popped out of my head! I didn’t even realize they closed this place up at night. I thanked the man and started rummaging through my event swag bag for something to eat. Keep in mind Lent, so I couldn’t get my friends to bring me back food. I found some popcorn and started munching. But then I got incredibly thirsty. Go figure. Then a lady that works for the event space comes up to my car with a bottle of water. Just out of no where. Of course I downed it and then had to use the bathroom. But by that point my friends were back and the repair man had shown up.

I sat in my friends’ car while the man worked on my tire. It took him about 45 minutes because he went ahead and plugged my tire. Which was nice because the Fix a Flat kit that came with my car has a speed and mileage limit. I would have had to take the long way home and would have taken twice as long. Once all was said and done and I was on my way home it was 9:30. I know that doesn’t seem that late, but it was to me. Especially when I had been looking forward to getting home early.

My friends and I are going back this weekend for the actual show. A group of us watch the show Pretty Little Liars and one of the actors will be there. Don’t judge. However, I’m thinking I may not drive myself there haha. I can’t afford to lose my whole day to random car issues again haha.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Any fun plans? Or embarrassing tv obsessions you care to admit to?

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