Friday Potpourri – Vol. 5

Hey all! TGIF! I’m so excited that this week is over. It wasn’t necessarily a bad week, but it was just off. I’m trying to resettle and get things back to “normal,” so I wasn’t as productive and didn’t stick to my usual routine. Here’s hoping for a great weekend and an even better week next week!

Last weekend was busy, but fun. We focused on some much needed family time. We took Mara to the park, hung out at home and went to the mall. I checked out a blogger event at Kendra Scott while we were there. I haven’t had alone time in awhile so Jesse took Mara while I went. It was so nice to be surrounded by pretty things and sip on a mimosa. There was even a stylist doing hair, so I took advantage of that. Afterwards, we all went to lunch as a family. It was such a great, relaxing day.

I also ran in the Monument Ave 10k on Saturday morning. I ran this same 10k back in 2015 and have wanted to do it again ever since. I didn’t train as much as I wanted (or should have) but I finished under my goal time (by a minute) and that’s all that matters. I’m thinking of signing up for another one at the end of the month to see if I can improve on that time. Plus, having races coming up keeps me motivated to run and do well. monument ave 10k 2017

I wish I had any news at all about the updates to the master bathroom, but I don’t. We have hit a bit of snag with the grout replacement. They have already been out once to fix some mistakes and now have to come out again. This means that we can’t paint or do anything really because we don’t want our work to get ruined by grout dust. I’m hopeful that this will be the last time they need to come out and I can move forward with my plans soon!

However, there is some news on the house project front. I’m finally going to reorganize our walk-in closet. It’s been in desperate need for awhile, but it’s functional so I never bothered. Now Jesse has a locker for his bow & arrows, swords and other dangerous objects, but it doesn’t quite fit. This means it’s time to rearrange and make things a bit prettier in the process! Wish me luck on the pretty part. I don’t really want to spend much money on a closet so I’m not sure how to pull that off. I can tell you one thing. I’m not painting the closet. Nope. closet

I’m hoping to get started on the closet this weekend, but Monday is Passover so it’s not super high on the priority list.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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