Friday Potpourri – Vol. 3

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a good week! I’m finally feeling like my old self and had a pretty productive week around the house. I started on some spring cleaning and started working on a fun redesign for the blog. It will be a long while before it’s done, but it’s still super fun to work on. We’re supposed to get a cold front of weather this weekend, so I foresee lots of staying in and coffee. While I don’t want it to get cold, I don’t mind an excuse to curl up with a blanket and warm beverage.

Before you start thinking it will be a lazy weekend around here though, we do have a project in the works! If you follow me on Instagram (and watch my stories) you may have seen that we got our master bathroom shower regrouted. I didn’t take any before pictures because it was too embarrassing. Basically, the shower had reached the point that no matter how much I bleached and scrubbed the grout was never clean. So, we saved up the money and had it professionally replaced. You may recall that Jesse regrouted the shower in Mara’s bathroom but it took him months of work. He was unwilling to do it again for our shower. It was one of those how much is our time/efforts worth kind of situations. Anyway… now that the shower is done, I’m ready to give the room a facelift! So dark, so brown. Bleh! bathroom first stage

We cleaned out the bathroom so everything didn’t get dusty when they replaced the grout, so since it’s empty we are going to paint the cabinet this weekend. We love the white cabinet in Mara’s bathroom, so we are going to do the same in ours. I also want to go ahead and repaint while the room is cleared out. I will probably do that during the week during nap time. I’m thinking a light, airy green. I really want to add some more green to the house since painting over the green in the dining room.

This definitely isn’t going to be a quick “makeover” situation. It’s a “the room is already emptied so let’s just do the big stuff” situation. I have plans for changing up the room even more, but I also have some events and a 1st birthday party to plan (and pay for) this month. Maybe May would be a good goal to have things more “complete”…

Speaking of the 1st birthday, I can’t believe my baby is almost a year old! Where has the time gone?! I’m super excited to be working on her party, and I’ve already decorated a few things around the house to get prepped. It’s not totally insane to prep three weeks early right? I’m doing a simple pink and gold theme (like her nursery) so the prep just looks like spring decorating for the most part. birthday flat lay

I’m also using the party as an excuse to start brightening up the living room. I’ve talked about making the house more cohesive as far as design is concerned and that means adding more color to our mostly grey living room. I doubt it will be anywhere near finished by then, but getting started is half the battle! Living room sofa setup - Copy

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Hopefully I will have some house updates to share next week!

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