Friday Potpourri – Vol. 2

I’ve been thinking about my design voice a lot lately. It’s probably due to listening to several home/design podcasts. I mentioned listening to Young House Love’s podcast last week, I started catching up on Chris Loves Julia’s podcast this week and I’ve been adding more to my queue. (I will share names as I listen, to make sure I’m sharing something I actually like). I like that podcasts discuss design elements without showing them to you. It leaves a lot more to the imagination.

All of this to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about my home. What does it stay about me? Is it a true reflection of our style and family? I’ve found that a lot of things reflect trends that I liked, but that don’t quite work as a whole. Or things that were heavily influenced by other blogs but aren’t really “me.” There are elements of my home that I LOVE and there are some that I like, and others that I wonder what the hell I was thinking. So I’ve decided to slowly purge what I don’t like and tweek what I don’t love.

I LOVE our dining room. It’s a mixture of southern living traditional and modern patterns. It’s light and bright, yet cozy. It’s the room I really want to echo through the house. I’m starting with paint and then I want to adjust some fabrics and textures in other rooms. There needs to be brighter elements in the half bath and the living room where the couch is, just to really tie it all together. Dining Room Spring 2015

This is going to take awhile to pull off, but for the first time in a long time I have a plan and a vision and I can’t wait to get started! I’m actually starting this weekend by selling the armchair that I painted and a few mid-century pieces I collected that just haven’t found a place after several years. Hopefully, that will give me some funds to work with for buying other elements.

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