Fast Food Lasagna

Have you ever seen Epic Meal Time on Youtube? If not watch this video (if you can) so you can better understand this post. Epic Meal Time Fast Food Lasagna

For those of you at work, these guys make a lasagna using hamburgers from fast food restaurants and bacon instead of lasagna noodles, there is also an entire bottle of Jack Daniel’s in the marinara sauce. For the Super Bowl this year Jesse decided he wanted to make a fast food lasagna. In the video they use about 45 burgers, several pounds of bacon, marinara sauce (with JD), onion rings, Big Mac sauce and cheese. We shrank ours a bit and only used 12 burgers, 1.5 lbs. of bacon, 3 onion rings, 1 bag of mozzarella cheese, and bbq sauce (with about a cup of rum in it). 

We baked all of the bacon in the oven so it wouldnt get to crispy and curl up. It took about 30 minutes with the oven set to 400 degrees. (Sorry for the poor picture quality, we used Jesse’s iPhone instead of my camera.)

BBQ Rum Sauce

After the bacon was cooked we started layering the “lasagna.” Our order was burgers, bacon, cheese, sauce, burgers, bacon, onion rings, cheese, sauce, burgers, bacon, cheese. The images that follow may disturb you. 

Then we baked it for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees to melt all of the cheeses. This thing looked and smelled disgusting, but it actually tasted kinda good. It was like a giant BBQ bacon cheeseburger. Only about 1/4 of it was eaten, but the party we went to had so much food that it wasn’t very surprising. There were 2 pots of chili, at least 5 different dips and chips, homemade pizza pockets, pigs in a blanket, wings, cookies, cake pops, truffles and of course soda and beer. I’m pretty sure I have a food hangover and will be eating raw veggies for a few days…

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Or make an epic lasagna? Tell me about your weekend! :)

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Fast Food Lasagna — 19 Comments

  1. Oh man, I’ll have to send this link over the my boyfriend – He loves Epic Meal time.

    My boyfriend & I’s team is the patriots, so I drove home a very pissed off angry drunk around midnight last night and still managed to make it to work on time this morning :p

    We made chili for the big game, but I wasn’t allowed to share his recipe, lol. It’s a secret.

  2. Wow! That is quite an intense version of lasagna! I had a couple of people at our house for the game, and there was entirelyyyy too much food for the 6 of us. We had sandwiches, cheese, pepperoni, crackers, cookies, pretzels with hershey kisses and m&m’s on them {cute little treat made by my neighbors}, buffalo chicken dip and I made mexican dip. I filled up on the mexican dip and buffalo chicken dip, and could barely fit anything else in my belly. We had sooo much food left over, it was ridiculous haha. But I guess that is how it is for super bowl parties!

    And I agree with you…I feel like I need to eat only fruits and veggies for the next week!!! Ohhhh boy! Haha!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. That looks so gross. Why do I want to try it? It helps me keep my faith in mankind that only a quarter of that got eaten. It seems to me that something that unhealthy should only be eaten if it’s amazing, not “kinda good”. I still want to try it.

  4. Wow! After giving up fast food a year and a half ago I can’t imagine eating that but I am sure it was fun to make… and a surprise for anybody who cut into it thinking it was a “real” lasagna.
    We had friends over for ate hamburgers, zucchini fries, pita chips, and roasted chickpeas… I felt like I was cooking the entire game but had a blast.

  5. Oh…! I have never heard of fast food lasagna. I couldn’t decide if it was going to be really good…..or just really? And you answered my question. My husband would love this! Perfect food for the superbowl!

  6. Wow, that looks really healthy, but who cares when it’s the superbowl, right?

    That fast food lasagna kinda reminds me of a carl’s jr. western bacon cheeseburger, which I love!

    You guys are so funny!


  7. My husband lurves epic meal time!!!!!!!! He makes me watch all the videos. HA! I’m ganna have to show him this…..we’ll have to host an epic meal time party with our friends!! So doing this!!

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