Fall Home Tour 2017

And just like that it’s somehow September! While I’m excited for cooler weather and the excuse to stop shaving my legs as often, I’m definitely going to miss the summer. This was truly one of the best summers of my life. We took Mara on so many adventures to splash pads, parks, the Children’s Museum and Busch Gardens. I’ve felt so much “mom joy” just watching her try new things. It has truly been a time to treasure. Still, fall promises even more adventures! There’s pumpkin patches, hay rides, leaf piles and mommy being willing to spend more time outside. The approach of fall also calls for refreshing the decor around the house. It’s always fun to decorate differently every few months, even though it confuses my kid. She woke up from her nap earlier in the week and just stood in the living room looking around for a good 2 minutes. The change however, is great for my soul. living room fall decor

living room fall

fall home tour

This year I decided to take a different approach to my fall decor. I opted for a much more neutral vibe versus my usual combo of red, orange and pumpkin everything. I’m just not ready for all things pumpkin yet. Instead I played around with some natural wood, fresh greenery and simplicity. The simplicity part is a new one for me. I’m usually a go all out kind of person, but I like this new look. I also didn’t buy anything new in terms of decor this year. Minus a beer. I bought it for the cool brown bottle. neutral fall decor

I’ve talked a lot recently about how much I’ve changed. You’re probably tired of hearing it. I think taking a new approach to decorating is also an example of that change. I really contemplated my decorating decisions this year, rather than scouring the sales rack at the craft store for the most obsenely fall items I could find. I played with layering in ways that I hadn’t before and I only used things I had on hand. I’m really loving the way it all came together. neutral fall mantel  it's fall yall sign

fall vignette

My favorite is the book display on our “table” behind the couch. Jesse and I have a ton of hardback books. They are a collection we each started long before we knew each other. As we’ve grown older and gone through periods of minimizing some of our possessions we’ve reduced the collection to books we really love, or that impacted our lives. If these fond books were paperback, then we’ve replaced them with a hard cover version. I do remove and trash the dust covers for design sake, but the books are all beloved. I snagged the bookends from my mom’s house. I remember using them to build forts as a kid (they are really freaking heavy and kept the blankets from falling), so they are super nostalgic for me. fall living room decor

living room book display

The dining room was tricky to decorate this year because I didn’t want to pile a bunch of useless crap on the table. One, because Mara can now reach the tabletop when she stands on her tiptoes. Two, we eat dinner at this table every night as a family so we need the space. And three, Mara can be a pretty messy eater and I don’t want food all over my home decor. I’m sure I will do a few tablescapes in the years to come, but let’s face it, that crap is just for show. I may set it up for a dinner party, but the real story is that it’s probably just for photos. That’s OK. It’s what this blog is for. Just not this month. fall dining room

dining room fall decor

dining table fall centerpiece

While September is starting off with lots of rain here, I will be cozy inside enjoying my decor and looking forward to all that this new season may hold. I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

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