DIYing A Nightstand

Sorry I didn’t have this post up yesterday like planned! It was just an awful day where nothing seemed to go right. But I’m back today and with higher spirits because it’s Friday and I’m going to IKEA tomorrow!

On Tuesday I shared my new nightstand that Jesse built for me, because apparently that’s our thing, making  We started by hitting up Lowe’s and picking up all of the wood that we would need. We got plans for the project from the Ana White blog, but we changed them up a bit because they weren’t exactly what we wanted. That plan was technically for a side table so it was more rectangular, and I wanted a square. We  used regular white wood (the cheapest kind) and only spent around $20.

  • 1 1×4
  • 2 2×2
  • 1 1×8
  • 1 1×6
  • 1 5/8″ square dowel
  • A Kreg jig (for drilling pocket holes)

wood-cuts-for-nightstandThe dimensions for our nightstand include a 16×14 top, 14×12 sides, 26″ tall and the drawer dimensions are 10 7/8×10 1/2. The bottom shelf fits inside the legs. diy-nightstandJesse started assembling the table by building the sides and attaching the legs first. He tried to put them together without a pocket jig initially, but went back and bought the jig. And I am SO glad he did. It makes the whole piece look way more professional. legs-of-nightstandSeriously, if you want to build furniture you need to invest in a pocket hole jig! We bought a Kreg Jig at Lowe’s for $40, it’s the same brand as the one Young House Love uses. small-kreg-jigpocket-holes-in-furnitureOnce the legs were assembled Jesse attached them to the back piece and ran a piece of the 2×2 across the front, there is also a 2×2 through the center of the nightstand that is attached to the back and front pieces. beginning-stages-of-a-nightstandThe 5/8″ square dowel runs the length of the center piece and acts as the track for the drawer. diy-drawer-slideThe drawer itself is basically a 10×10 box with the cut in the bottom for the track, as well as two tracks that it slides under on the sides. nightstand-with-drawerbuilding-a-nightstand-with-a-drawerOnce the drawer was built is was time to attach the top. Jesse drilled several pocket holes so the top would be attached in several places and also glued it before drilling. Also the top is 3 1x4s but there is hardly any gap between each board.attaching-top-to-nightstandForgive Jesse’s crazy arms. He can’t stay still when I take pictures while he’s working.
assembling-a-nightstandWe debated whether or not to add a shelf at the end, because it looked pretty darn good. unpainted-nightstandBut… I’m a sucker for a good vignette and there isn’t enough room on the top of a nightstand for that. He used glue and pocket hole screws through the underside to attach my cute little shelf. diy-nighstand-with-shelfOnce the thing was built it was my turn to sand, prime and paint. I chose to use the white paint I had leftover from the kitchen table (Olympic Snow Storm in semi-gloss) and the Dark Walnut stain, also leftover from the table. I doubled up on the poly seal for the top of the nightstand because I knew I’d be setting a glass of water there every night and didn’t want to leave any rings over time. nightly-essentials-on-nightstandOverall this project was fairly cheap, but it definitely wasn’t easy. It wasn’t super difficult, but when working with cuts of wood this small precision is key, and precision takes time. I can’t wait until we build another one to match for Jesse’s side of the bed, but I’m trying really hard not to rush him right now haha.

Now for the cost break down for one nightstand:

  • Wood: $21.84 (we’ll need to buy a little bit more of certain sizes for the second one)
  • Kreg Jig: $41.98
  • Knobs from Anthropologie: $16 (I bought 2 at $8 a piece)
  • Paint, primer, stain, polyurethane: I had all this already, but you will only need a quart of each if you have to buy them
  • TOTAL: $79.82

Now this total definitely seems high, and we could have bought a nightstand for about the cost, BUT in reality if we hadn’t splurged on the Kreg Jig and the knobs then it only would have been $25. You cannot get solid wood, custom built nightstands for $25. Especially not ones that look this good. diy-nightstand

So what type of furniture should we build next? Jesse thinks we can build a sectional for the living room, but I’m thinking I’d rather buy one of those. Any fun weekend projects going on this weekend? I think I’m taking a little break this weekend and investing in some store bought products. 😉

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