DIY Farmhouse Table

I hope you aren’t tired of pictures of our new farmhouse table because I’ve got some more to share! But let’s start with another beautiful picture. When Jesse and I first started this project we did a whole lot of research on how best to go about building our own table. My major source of inspiration was Michelle’s kitchen table, but her’s was not quite big enough for Jesse and I’s plans for our space. However, Michelle got her plans from Ana White’s blog, so that is where Jesse and I went searching for plans for our own table. We found that her Rustic Table plans best matched what we were looking for, but Jesse being the detailed person that he is didn’t just want to take her measurements and run with them. So we taped off the floor around our old table to decide how large we wanted our own table to be.Then we went to Lowe’s with our measurements and got all of the supplies we needed. Jesse had the day after we bought all of the supplies off work, so he started working without me. But he was a good little blogger husband and remembered to take some pictures. He basically followed Ana White’s plans to a T. Until it got to the legs. Ana White used 2×4’s for her legs, but Jesse and I decided we liked the look of chunkier 4×4 legs instead. Jesse also did things in a different order, like attaching the legs to the apron before attaching the table top. This did make everything way easier when it came to painting, no tape needed. We also stained the bottoms and sides of the tabletop boards before attaching them to the apron. After the top was attached I stained the top side and applied about 3-4 coats of Matte polyurethane. I like the matte finish because it doesn’t add any sheen and makes things look even more rustic; however, we’ll have to add a regular coat of poly as well because the matte is too soft for something that will see such rough use over the years. And now for what you’re all wondering about, how much did this project cost us?

  • Wood – $86
  • Stain (Dark Walnut) – $7.77
  • Paint (Olympic Snow Storm) – $11.97
  • Polyurethane (Rustoleum Matte finish) – $11.93
  • If that is all we needed to buy then our total would have been: $117.67

But Jesse decided that he needed a new drill and we accidentally ruined our brushes and had to buy more, plus we were out of sand paper. We actually ended up still spending just a little over $300, which is still WAY cheaper than we would have paid for a table anywhere else. The chairs are also new purchases, but after I sold our old table and chairs for $80 these chairs ended up only costing us $10. When the weather gets warm again I plan on spray painting them all solid white.

This project was seriously so easy! And we are so proud of ourselves for actually doing it! Now I want to build more! What should we do next? 😉
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DIY Farmhouse Table — 57 Comments

  1. Our first building project was also from Ana White! The farmhouse table, I believe (the big one that we have outdoors). Since wood is so expensive here we decided to buy it in bulk, about 400€ worth of wood, and it turned out to be a great decision because we’ve used it for a ton of projects and still have some leftover for a couple of other things we want to do. Plus any farmhouse table of that size would’ve cost us much more anyway.
    Yours is beautiful! I really really love the rich dark matte top combined with the white legs.
    Have you thought about staining the seat of the chairs a darker tone? I love the shape of the chair but I’m not a fan of lighter wood tones myself.

  2. This is amazing, I’m so impressed you made it yourselves!!

    We really want to do more stuff like that but we don’t have the space in the flat to either store the materials and make it or put it once we are finished. When we move to a proper house with a garage and a garden we will be all over it :-)


  3. I think the money savings was great but that pride of having something in your home that you built together is my favorite part. We hosted a party the other night and people kept asking where we got the table. I loved watching Nate get all excited (he doesn’t get excited often) when he told him that he built it.

    Now I can’t wait for him to start on our formal dining room. 😉

    I seriously love the combo of the table with the chairs. Good choice!! Drool worthy.

  4. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I have a week spot for farmhouse tables myself. We had ours forever, and then finished it off in the same color scheme as you chose (how can you go wrong? such a nice combination!). But I’m a little jealous of building the table from scratch, I think it’s so much more meaningful when you make your own furniture.

    I really like the thickness of the legs and how it balances out nicely with the length of the table. Such a nice job!

  5. I love Ana White, I’ve downloaded a heap of plans for things I want to make, I’m just a bit scared of using power tools that I could potentially chop my arm off with…lol. The table looks so beauctiful, if I didn’t know better I would think you had bought it ready made. Awesome job!

  6. You should be proud, building a table isn’t like say a picture frame or gluing sticks together! Jesse also realizes now there is nothing stopping you from asking him to complete all sorts of big projects right?


  7. Very nice. I’ll definitely keep this design and the other links you posted in mind. I want to make my own once we have a house to put it in.

    By the way, where did you get those 4x4s? Did you go to a specialty lumber yard? When we built our raised garden bed the regular hardware stores said they only carried pressure treated 4x4s and by the time I called some of the specialty lumber yards I had moved on to a different design and didn’t ask about those.

  8. Your table looks amazing. I will never get tired of seeing pictures of it. I love Ana White…how incredible is she and her free patterns??? I am also impressed that your husband remembered to take pictures, he is good! Enjoy that beautiful table of yours.

  9. I am so saving this for “the future”! lol. Our current table seats four… and we’re about to have our second child… nevermind room for guests! Sadly, I think we’re going to have to move before we can have a table the size i want! all in good time :)

  10. Oh MY GOODNESS! i love love love this, Ashley!! It looks amazing.

    Thanks so much for linking up at last week’s Humble Brag. This week, The Better Half, along with a bunch of other awesome bloggers are hosting a link party to support the Sandy Hook area – $1 will be donated for every project linked up. Its up and running now. Hope to see you there!

    Last week’s features will be posted Friday morning along with the ad space winner.

  11. Love how the table turned out! Good for you guys :)

    Would you mind sharing the dimensions you ended up with? We are in the beginning stages of table building and want something that fits three chairs on each side like yours does. We don’t currently have a table to compare to and just working off one sample chair is not cutting it.

  12. Hi! Your table looks great! I’m going to attempt the same design with Ana’s plans but am also adding 4×4 for the legs and making the apron a bit smaller for more of a overhang. Can I ask some silly questions – Any idea what size screw you used for attaching the legs, and did you put them in from the inside or outside and fill the wholes? I’m very new to this and trying to do it right the first time! haha Also for the cross supports, did you have to change the length of the 45degree cut to accommodate the 4×4 or did it still work at 12″? And last question, do you know why she has 1×10 boards for the top but on the plans they are sized at 9.5″? Do you need to sand/trim all the edges of the timber for a nice edge and that step just isn’t listed? Thanks so much and awesome work!

  13. Sorry forgot one – I’m also trying for a 3 seater along the edge like you, can you tell me your finished length? I’ve got mine estimated at 7′, but not sure if that will be too short to fit 3 once I use the 4×4 legs and bring them in a bit with a shorter apron. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Shari! Thanks so much for your questions! I’m not 100% sure on a lot of them so let me talk to my husband and I will email you tomorrow evening! :)

  14. awesome thanks! I’m going to scope out my hardware store tonight then have to come back and work on changing all the plans to mm since I’m in NZ! Argh! :)

  15. Is the table completely sturdy without any ‘wobbling’? Most designs I’ve seen (and the ones I’ve built) have a stretcher between the legs and also the length of the table connected to the stretchers between the legs.

    Your thoughts?

  16. Love the table! Where did you get the chairs? Did I end up reading it right that you got the 6 chairs for $90 total? I am thinking of making this table but am having a hard time finding chairs that don’t run up into the hundreds very quickly. Thanks!

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  19. Hello,

    We are in the planning stages of building a farmhouse table for our kitchen. Can I ask how you attached the legs to the top? We have 4 kids so we definitely need it to be sturdy? Thanks so much for the inspiration and insight!


    • Hi Katie! The legs are actually attached to the apron of the table, not the table top. We used bolts to do so and it is solid as a rock. Let me know if you have more questions!

      • How did y’all bolt the legs to apron? My husband and I are completely copying your plans (because it is a GORGEOUS table), and the legs are stumping us. How did you keep the bolts from showing on the outside? Thank you!

  20. This table is gorgeous. I have been planning on making a table like this for quite some time but after seeing this post from you I am determined to start building mine this week. I was wondering what the dimensions of your table ended up being. I want to follow your tutorial to a T because I love the way it turned out but I’m afraid it won’t fit in my space.

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  23. hey that’s a very nice table….i need to ask a couple of questions the wood you use the 4×4 legs are they white pine or yellow pine and the same question for the top boards are they white pine or yellow pine …thanks for taking your time to answer these questions.

  24. Hi, this table is beautiful! it’s exactly the size I am looking to make. are you able to provide your measurements and plans?? thanks!

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