Dining Room Going Blue

Heyo! Nobody probably remembers this, but several months ago I did an “updated” tour of the house. I showed some pictures from 2013 (the last time I did a post like that) and then some photos that were more current. I cheated and didn’t actually take any new photos because the house has been at a standstill for awhile. Ok, the downstairs has been at a standstill. We did finish remodeling the upstairs bathroom and did Mara’s nursery in 2016. Well, in that post I said that one of the more simpler projects on my list was to finally paint the wall below the chair rail molding in our downstairs hall. But I had no idea what color I wanted to do. I have finally, after almost 5 years in this house, decided on a color. It’s Olympic’s Turqouise Mist. Turquoise Mist

This color is a lighter version of the color I used for color blocking my farmhouse style dining room chairs. Which brings me to my next part of this painting project: repainting the walls in the dining room. I painted them green pretty early on, and I still LOVE the green color, but it just doesn’t work well with many of my other choices in this room. Or the house. Colorful dining room

I wrote a post not too long ago about how I’m starting to discover my specific style or “design voice” more and more lately. I attribute that to three things: stepping away from the blog for awhile, not reading other design blogs as much, and listening to design podcasts. I think I was bogged down by all of the gorgeous styles that other bloggers showcased and I thought that if I loved something someone else did then I should work it into my house too. That is so, so the wrong way for me to decorate. Instead, I should be working with a cohesive style that I love and making my house flow. I think it’s why I’m not always over the moon about some of my rooms. Anyway, now I have a vision for my traditional home, with it’s bright colors and a few modern elements. Since the dining room is the space (even with the non-jiving green walls) that I love the most, I figured I’d start there. It’s also my “jumping off point” for making the downstairs more cohesive.handbuilt-dining-room-furniture

First thing I do will be paint! Woo! Then, find some art for down the hallway and in the dining room. I’ll also swap out the rugs and eventually, replace the chandelier over the dining table. I really, really hate that thing. I also need to finish my plate walls! I used to get plates at HomeGoods/TJ Maxx but I’ve been striking out there for months now. I know the thrift store is a good spot, but it’s also super hit or miss. The rule for the plates is that I won’t spend more than $4 or $5. handbuilt-dining-room-bar

I’m hoping to start painting next week. Actually, I WILL start painting next week. It’s supposed to be warm so I can open a window or two… Mara and I will hang out upstairs in my bedroom and I will paint while she sleeps. Fingers crossed for some good naps next week!


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