Creativity is Catching

One of the best things in life is good friends. It’s even better if those friends are super creative and they inspire you when you aren’t feeling very inspired. Seeing my girlfriends out there hustling and embracing their talents just lights a fire in me. I come home from hanging out with them or seeing their latest works online and it pushes me to embrace my creative side. I have four good friends in particular that are inspiring me lately.

First, is Ashley, owner of The Humble Penguin. Ashley and I met online via blogging and have stayed in contact via social media over the years. She has a cutie just a few months older than Mara. The Humble Penguin is her awesome Etsy shop where she creates and sells adorable baby clothes and mugs/tumblers. The Humble Penguin

If you follow me on social media then The Humble Penguin should sound familiar to you. Mara is a brand ambassador for the shop because of how obsessed I am with the clothes. I seriously don’t know where Ashley comes up with some of her ideas, but I love them! Mara and I’s latest swag are these matching Mean Girls t-shirts that say “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” The baristas at our local Starbucks freaked out the last time we wore them. IMG_4010

Follow Ashley of The Humble Penguin on Facebook, Twitter & Insta: @humble_penguin. And shop here.

Next is my best friend and college roommate Lindsey. She has always been super artsy and creative, and now she’s finally started an Instagram account for some of her stuff. I can’t wait until she has a full out shop filled with her creative ideas. I have quite a few paintings and handmade cards from her that I’ve kept over the years. It’s great having friends that can make homemade gifts. Littletown Letters

Follow Lindsey on Insta: @littletownletters

Another good friend of mine, Caitlin, recently started her own fashion and beauty blog called Stone Style. Caitlin is the friend that always looks so freaking cute and you want to buy all of their clothes so you can also look cute. But that ends up making you just look like a creeper, so you buy similar stuff instead. Since a lot of you don’t see Caitlin all the time or have mutual friends, you can buy her exact clothes without being creepy. 😉 Seriously, check her out and show her new blog some love! StoneStyle

Follow Caitlin on Insta: @_stonestyle and check out her blog.

Last, but certainly not least, is Tori, owner of Tori Watson Photography. She is an amazing photographer, and you’ve seen her work here on the blog before. Her photography business is thriving and she is just a #girlboss. I love the way she can capture little details and turn them into exquisite art through the lens. She also is incredibly trendy and makes me jealous of her vintage shopping skills. Tori Watson Photography

Follow Tori on Facebook and Insta: @toriwatsonphoto. Plus, check out her blog!

Sorry for the shameless friend plug, but these girls are basically why I’m still giving this blog a go. I’ve spent time with them (or chatted via the web in Ashley’s case) over my long blog break and their enthusiasm for their projects has me excited about mine again. Their enthusiasm for their businesses and creative projects made me miss the days when this blog did that for me. So, here I am trying again. The blog has a bit of a new spin to match my new life, but the whole point is to have a fun, creative outlet.

Have a good weekend y’all! It will be warm and sunny in VA again, so I’m super excited to get outside. Also, dining room update coming at ya next week. Still need to finish painting!

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