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  1. I would love to have a letter done like this for my bedroom. I don’t have that program and I’m not that good on a computer. My letter is “A”, so I tried to copy yours. But it would not let me change the name. How much would it cost me to have you do one for me?

  2. Love your blog and your creativity.
    I am in dire need of a better camera and your pictures are very good. Advice? I have a point and shoot now, but it has its limitations.
    Let me know asap as I am going to NYC next week and would love to have the camera. Btw, I have a budget!
    Thanks – Judy

  3. Hi there. I’m from Denmark, and I really like your farmhouse table! Could you tell me, what wood you’d use for it? Especially the table top? It’s not one Big piece, Right?
    – Marie.

    • Hi Marie! We actually used pine for the table top and no it’s not one big piece. We chose a board width we liked and then used 5 boards side by side for the top. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Hey Ashley we saw the table y’all made on remodalaholic and were wondering I you have a compiled list of the measurements you used, it’s the perfect size for what we want :)

  5. Hi Ashley,

    Do you know where you purchased your owl in your Fall Mantel picture dated September 24, 2012 ?
    I have one exactly like it that I bought at a garage sale and his ear got chipped in the recent move. I would love to replace it. I’ve looked thru a kazillion on eBay and looked at Amazon. And no luck.
    Any help is much appreciated.


  6. Hi Ashley,
    I just pinned something from your blog and came here to find out more. Was I pleasantly surprised! You have an incredible eye and wonderful creativity. I would like more about the Navy button up dress, and sweater shown with brown boots and bag. Love, love, love the whole thing. Can you tell me their brands and/or where purchased?

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