Challenge Accepted

It’s that time of year again! Time for another Pinterest Challenge!

I’ve been pinning like crazy and thinking about things the new house needs and came up with a few options, but since I spent all weekend cleaning and unpacking and painting the guest room I didn’t have time to make the Roman shades (but dont you worry! I’ll be tackling them soon!). What did I make instead you ask? I DIYed some herringbone art, inspired by this pin (originally from Our Humble Abowedwatercolor pinterest art

So I started by painting some pictures using watercolor paints. It’s been years since I’ve played with them and it was quite fun actually. After my beautiful 😉 pictures were dry, I cut the pictures into rectangular strips. I tried to make the strips as equal in size as possible, but I didn’t measure them. I then glued my strips in a herringbone pattern on another piece of standard size computer paper. After the glue was dry I trimmed of the edges of the strips that were hanging off the paper.

I had an empty Virserum frame that I never hung up in the townhouse, so I chose a spot on the little brick wall between the living room and dining room (it already had a hook) and hung it there.There is a lot of white between the frame and the matte, so I’m thinking about trimming the matte so there is more of the painting showing and less blank white space. But overall I really like the look overall. And those of you that were cheering for the Roman shades, they are in the works! I should have them finished before the end of the month!

Did you take part in the Pinterest Challenge? What’d you make?!



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