Carve Em Out, Carve Em Out

Yes, that title is a cheesy reference to T.I. Don’t judge me.

Yesterday when I talked about our trip to Charlottesville, I talked about how we did some pumpkin picking at our local Wal-Mart that weekend as well. Growing up my family always went pumpkin picking and together as a family we would carve our pumpkins for Halloween, it’s one of those fond memories of childhood that makes me smile. Jesse’s family wasn’t really big on carving pumpkins, so he couldn’t even remember when the last time he carved a pumpkin. That was absolutely unacceptable to me, so to the pumpkin patch bin we went! 

We found templates online for our pumpkins, Jesse printed out a storm trooper and I decided to be sentimental and carve an R for our last name. 

We bought a neat little kit with a tool that pokes little holes in the pumpkin as you trace the outline. 

Then we got to work carving out our designs! We found that using Jesse’s pocket knife and a spoon worked WAY better than the shaving tools from our $4 kit. They came out really well and are a perfect representation of our household, our last name and Star Wars 😉 The next picture was at night, so it kinda sucks but it needed to be shown. Now Jesse is hooked on pumpkin carving and can’t wait to make more elaborate ones next year. I’m good with it especially if it means more pumpkin seeds to roast and eat. 😉 Have you carved pumpkins this year? Did you use them to decorate in a different way?

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Carve Em Out, Carve Em Out — 23 Comments

  1. They look great, I am very impressed. Whenever I have made them we go all the way through the pumpkin but these ones look great with the glow. We usually use a marker pen to draw our design but the knife we use is never neat enough to stick to it. Oooh I might have to go buy a pumpkin, it’s been years since we have done it!!


  2. I love how both pumpkins turned out! I’m not sure that we’re going to get around to carving pumpkins this year – but since it’s so messy and we don’t use the pumpkin seeds, I’m not super upset about it. Maybe I could buy a faux pumpkin and carve that?

  3. They came out awesome! I would have never known it was so easy to carve custom designs as just poking holes as outlines. Sometimes I’m a little slow.

    And I honestly can’t even remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. There’s use to be nothing stopping me but now I don’t have an outside to display them.

  4. Cute pumpkins! The storm trooper looks pretty cool glowing in the dark :-) Hubby and I carved pumpkins a while back, but we hardly had any trick-or-treaters so we haven’t bothered since then. We’ve been getting more kids coming to the door the last few years, so maybe we should get our knives out and carve a couple of pumpkins this year :-)

  5. Love this! We carve pumpkins every year but we always cut right through them. I love the idea of carving them like that though- just haven’t got around to trying it. This is the year- I can feel it! haha.

    I love that little outline tool you have! Going to have to try to find one of those! We will likely carve ours this weekend or early next week for Halloween.

  6. Y’all did great! I think the last time I carved a pumpkin was in college. I used to draw elaborate designs on them that resembled an oriental lantern. Then I would carve just the outer part… like yours to give it a nice glow. It was fun but definitely a lot of work. Maybe next year when Noah is older we will give it another try.
    I have to say yours is my favorite between the two of yours. Sorry, Jesse.

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