Bucket List

I’m a planner. I like to make to-do lists and set goals for myself, even if I don’t accomplish them. Without goals to work towards I feel like I’m drifting and I get stressed and don’t know what to do and end up laying in bed watching tv all day. But my goals are usually very short-term, never exceeding a few months. Jesse is also a planner, but he’s a long term “big picture” guy. When you combine us you have an excellent team with goals and plans for next week, a year from now and even 40 years from now. Jesse and I have amazing plans and a lot of them are things I’ve always dreamed of doing but never thought would happen. I’m starting to realize most of my dreams could actually be a reality one day, so I’ve written them down as a to-do list for my life and wanted to share them with you guys.


(I left out things that have already happened like getting married, honeymooning in Disney World, etc)

1. Drive across the United States (we have plans to do this Fall ’14)
2. Get a tattoo
3. Adopt a baby from another country, specifically in Asia
4. Get an average of 1,000 reads a day on the blog
5. Dye my hair purple
6. Form real life friendships with blog friends
7. Run a 10k
8. Go to Disney World at Christmas time
9. Be a bridesmaid
10. Go to the Robin Hood tree at Northumberland Park in the UK
11. Meet Kevin Costner
12. Attend over 20 Dashboard Confessional shows
13. Meet Chris Carrabba
14. Go shopping in Paris
15. Go to Hawaii
16. Go snorkeling
17. Swim with dolphins
18. Go on a safari in Africa
19. Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand
20. Be a teacher
21. Visit Normandy
22. Meet a member of the 101st Airbourne (Band of Brothers)
23. See a Braodway show, on Broadway
24. Attend a professional sporting event
25. Be in Times Square on New Year’s Eve
26. Go camping (in a tent)
27. Read every book I own
28. Go canoeing
29. Visit Skywalker Ranch
30. Go to a Bryan Adams concert
31. Be featured in a magazine (online or print)
32. Spend a night in Cinderella’s Castle
33. Be a mom
34. Go to Vegas
35. Celebrate 50 years of marriage
36. Go on a cruise
37. Go to Europe and the Mediterranean (We’re planning a 2 week trip to Europe Fall ’13)
38. Try a new food every year for forever
39. Attend the Olympics
40. Live a life worth being proud of

I’m so excited for what the future holds for both myself and Jesse and can’t wait to mark things off my bucket list, and add things along the way! What would be on your bucket list?

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