Being a Girl Mom

Hey all! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived Monday! We mostly stayed at home this weekend, minus running errands on Sunday afternoon. Daylight Savings always screws with my internal clock though so Monday and today were super rough!

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before how I’ve gotten into podcasts lately. It all started with Young House Love Has A Podcast, which I really enjoy. I actually wish there were more home design podcasts out there. Or that I could get audio versions of my favorite blogs! Then I could “read” and catch up while doing chores.

I have a local podcast I subscribe to, Coffee with Strangers RVA. It’s great for learning more about people in my city and happenings around town. A few local bloggers have been featured too, which is always fun. 

I recently discovered An Acquired Taste Podcast which isn’t really about much of anything. It’s just fun and entertaining. It’s run by three ladies from the Elvis Duran Morning Show (which I used to listen too in my working days), Bethanny, Sam and Webgirl Kathleen. On an episode from a few months ago (I’m still catching up) they talked about their alter egos, which strangely enough is something I’ve often thought of. My alter ego is definitely a total badass. She’s like Michelle Rodriquez but blonde. If you don’t know who Michelle Rodriquez is, she’s the actress that plays Letty in the Fast and Furious movies. She is a mechanic, can kick ass, is kind of bro but also sexy AF.

Even as a kid I’ve always wanted to by that kind of character. I remember being super pissed one time when a boy told me I couldn’t be Robin Hood because I was a girl. I decided that I would be a girl Robin Hood, who was even better because she could beat up all the boys while wearing a dress. Since I love Keira Knightly, I was obsessed with her made for tv movie, Princess of Thieves, where she was Robin Hood’s daughter.

Now that I’m a girl mom, I hope that I can encourage my daughter to be whatever she wants to be and not put her in a box. I’ve painted her room pink and gold, hung princesses on her walls and dress her in frilly things, but those don’t define her. She is my princess but that doesn’t mean she can’t be strong and empowered, like Princess Leia or Merida from Brave. She already gives me a run for my money with her fierce independence and adventuresome spirit. Mara - 1

I can’t wait to celebrate this girl in a few weeks and all the joy she has brought this past year!

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