Baby #2 Is A…

Yep. We are adding another precious little girl to our family! Jesse and I couldn’t be more excited for another little princess to treasure. While I didn’t have a preference either way, I was slightly relieved to find out baby is a girl. Only because a girl is familiar territory, though I’m sure she’ll certainly bring her own slew of challenges and adventures. She’s already proving to be stubborn. I have to go back for a second anatomical ultrasound in a few weeks because she refused to roll over for the doctor to get clear images of her heart. Mara was similarily stubborn during her ultrasound though, so I’m not too worried. Being a stubborn, strong-willed woman runs in my family. Poor Jesse! Hahaha! 

Another girl also means saved money on certain baby gear and clothes, woohoo! Mara barely wore the massive amounts of newborn and 0-6 months clothes I was given, so that’s half a year of hand-me-downs for Baby Girl. Once Mara got mobile and started eating solids things become a little less “gently” used, but that timeline lines up with Christmas, so it will probably be awhile before I need to go clothes shopping. Baby Girl will use all of Mara’s old equipment, minus the crib, changing table and of course bedroom. I’m so excited to decorate another sweet little girl nursery! I’ve been collecting my thoughts and ideas and will share them later this week! 

And now for a funny story about the chaos of being pregnant with a toddler. These pictures with half-inflated balloons was not at all what I had originally pictured. I bought the balloons between a break in the rain this weekend with the plan to take pictures of Mara outside playing with them. Everytime I went to go outside though the rain would start again, then Mara started coughing and her nose was running. It was chilly and damp outside, so no pictures outside. And Mara was all snotty and gross, so no pictures with her. I gave up and went to bed early. The next day it was still cloudy and gross and the balloons were half gone. I decided to just set up some lights and my camera in the kitchen where I’d been taking my bump pictures and call it a day. They turned out cute and was a good lesson for me in managing expectations with a toddler. 😉 

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