Around the World – Pinterest Challenge Style

It’s that time again! Time to make our pins realities and start doing some of the projects we’ve been drooling over! 

Not too long ago my friend Katherine gave me an old globe and I haven’t been able to figure out what I wanted to do with it for the longest time!

But then of course I started perusing Pinterest and stumbled upon these beauties: 

I started by doing a sort of white wash on the globe to blur the pronounced colors of the countries so I could paint over it. 

I chose this quote because Jesse and I have been planning a lot for doing some traveling over the next few years before we start trying to get knocked up. 

I hate my own handwriting, but I decided that free-handing this project was the way to go. And I’m not too upset with the way it turned out! I actually love that you have to twirl the globe to read the whole thing, there was no way I could paint small enough to fit the whole quote! Did you participate in the Pinterest Challenge this time around? What did you come up with?

*Hurricane Sandy is howling at my door right now, but I haven’t lost power. If I’m slow to commenting that may be why! Also forgive the pictures, it’s been too dark to get really good ones lately because of the storm!*
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