Meet Ashley

Hey there! I’m Ashley, lover of tacos, black coffee, and all things Disney and Star Wars. I live in Richmond, VA with my handsome husband, Jesse and our darling daughter Mara. bio

Jesse helps make my harebrained schemes realities. We met through youth group in 2001, 12&15 years old!, and I always had a bit of crush. Our age difference kept us from dating (because it mattered then), so we just became good friends instead. We finally started dating in 2007, engaged in 2009 and married in 2011. As a testament to our mutual nerdyness, we honeymooned in Disney World during Star Wars Weekend! Mara entered our lives in 2016 and rocked our world. Nothing brings me more joy than her, though tacos are a close second.

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Attempts At Domestication is where I keep my creativity and love for writing alive. Here I write stories of my successes (and failures) as a mom, a wife, a creative and a homemaker. I truly am a woman of many trades, and a master of none. I love to decorate my house and makeover spaces, but I’m literally the world’s slowest painter and I’m incredibly indecisive and cheap. I’ve developed a small fondness for cooking, but for the first five years of our marriage my husband made 95% of our meals. I enjoy running and being in shape, but would rather eat tacos and ice cream every day. I love for my house to be clean and organized, but my laundry sits unfolded for days. That’s where the word attempts in my brand come from. It’s not going to be perfect and it may take forever, but I’m sure as hell going to try. Thank you for joining me on my adventures!