A Year of Challenges

Sorry things have been a bit crazy around here! I’m trying to give the blog a face lift, but apparently working at a web design firm doesn’t actually mean I can do web design. But I finally have things figured out and I’m loving the new look! What do you think?

In light of all of the challenges and difficulties I’ve had with the redesign of the blog this week, I wanted to share my resolution for this year. Yep, I only have one resolution and it’s to challenge myself. I know it sounds lame and like a cop-out, which it kind of is, but I genuinely want to push myself to become a better person. In the recent months I’ve kept a fairly cleaner house, started working out regularly, changed my eating habits, managed my money better, got a promotion and have been all around happier. Every single one of these things that I’ve changed about myself and my habits have had such a positive effect on me, it makes me want to continue to push to better myself constantly.

Though the holidays are a happy time, they can be so stressful and draining, and that’s coming from someone who is obsessed with Christmas! I’ve just felt so busy and so overwhelmed lately and it’s made me kinda depressed and sickly, so it’s back to the challenging habits that made me so happy before the post-Christmas slump!

That means I’m going back to being in bed by 10 pm, working out at least 3 evenings a week, watching what I eat and counting calories. After Jesse and I got married we gained about 10-20 lbs. each, which was way too much for me. I’ve lost almost all of the weight that I’ve gained, which is awesome, only 5 more lbs. to go!

I also need to work on my time management skills again. That means writing my posts ahead of time, following a cleaning schedule for the evenings and basically just keeping my act together so I don’t get too stressed out. This resolution has a whole lot to do with the fact that I’ve been up until midnight almost every night the past few days working on the blog, but it needs to not become a habit!funny-new-years-resolutions-card

And most basically, this resolution means just embracing life everyday and challenging myself to improve, every single day, no matter what comes at me.

Did you make any resolutions this year? What were they?

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A Year of Challenges — 16 Comments

  1. My resolutions are: sew a dress that actually fits properly, stick to a budget that allows me to save up money, and make it so that I run 5k on a normal run. (I’m embarrassed to say how little I run at the moment.)

  2. New theme looks brilliant! It suits you. As for personal new year’s resolutions, I’m a realist. I’m not joining a gym or planning on eating better. I hate working out and thankfully my metabolism is still on college mode. I’ll probably be thin no matter what I eat. I would like to goto bed earlier, at least that’s what I tell myself at 6AM every morning, but then I forget all about that at 1130PM.

  3. Love the new design. I want to change mine but just have no idea how to do it or the energy to start learning!!

    I’m with you on the Christmas slump, I had got myself into a good routine of eating healthier during the week and exercising more and felt so much better for it. Yes it’s fun to pig out and be lazy over Xmas but it quickly takes its toll. I am back on it this week and it’s a struggle but I keep trying to think about how good it feels once it becomes routine again!


  4. I popped by yesterday and thought, man, cute new page. So good job. I hate it when I think I know how to do something, then it turns out I don’t. Fail.

    I didn’t really make resolutions. I have goals I guess. A cleaner, more organized house. Being better at accessorizing. And getting pregnant. Fingers crossed!

  5. I think the blog looks great. Going to bed by 10 will be super-saver. Sleep is the key! And I hear you about the cleaning schedule. My downfalls are the slow spiral into lack of sleep and messy house. I can handle just about anything when my castle is comfy and I am awake enough to enjoy it! You’re going to do great.

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