A New Look

Hey everyone! Long time no blog! As you can tell, the blog got a makeover this summer! This is why I haven’t been posting as frequently. I needed time to refresh the look, which took up all of the time I usually spend working on posts. But I’m so thrilled to finally share the finished product with you! This summer year I feel like I’ve been on a journey of self discovery. Or I guess I should say self re-discovery. I thought I had a pretty good handle on who I was and what I wanted out of life, but then I became a mom and it flipped my world upside down. I’ve spent the past two years wondering what to do with Attempts At Domestication. I was one day away from letting my domain registration expire last year because I was convinced I didn’t have time to blog and that it would never go anywhere. And it still may never “go anywhere,” but I need this blog. I need a place for creativity to flow, to share my thoughts and passions and to feel like I have an identity that exists outside of the walls of my house. I’ve loved spending the past few weeks working fervently on my site while my daughter naps. I’ve loved dreaming and scheming of projects and content. Also, I’ve been working on making some of those things happen in the near future. computerbeddefault

I spent my whole life (all 28 years of it) thinking that all I ever wanted was to be a stay-at-home mom. I hated my office jobs and always felt unfulfilled. My job from 2011-2014 did change my life and result in some great friendships, but the actual work didn’t mean a thing to me. I thought a baby would change all of that. And it did. For awhile. Once the novelty of being home all day, having a clean house and vegging out during nap times wore off, that unfulfilled feeling came back. It was incredibly frustrating for me because I truly believed my baby girl would be all I ever needed in life. When I expressed all of this to Jesse one night he encouraged me to get out of the house more. Which I did and do. I go out in the evenings at least once a week for adult time with a friend, or group of friends. Jesse also challenged me to use my brain more. Even while he was in Grad school Jesse was always reading and pushing himself intellectually and I was jealous of him. I told him that one night and he simply told me to just “do it.” So I started reading more, specifically books on “finding happiness.” This all led me to the realization that I couldn’t place all of my hopes and dreams in my daughter. That’s not healthy for me, her or our relationship. This doesn’t mean I regret deciding to stay at home with her. I don’t. But being a stay at home mom also doesn’t mean that everything I do revolves around her. I need to spend time alone, being productive, and putting something out into the universe. I think Attempts At Domestication can be that “thing.” These past few weeks of working on the site have really shown that to me. I’ve been happier because I feel like I’ve “done” something each day.


Will I still work at a slow pace? Yep. After all I do only have 2 hours of nap time every day. And I’m just slow at a lot of things. Will it all come out perfect? Nope. For someone that has been attempting DIY projects for 7 years, I still kind of suck at them. But this time, I’m embracing the imperfection. I’m embracing who I am. Hopefully, you will get to know me a little better in the future.

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