A Hard Week

This week has just been a mess, and not just because of the holidays. On Monday I found out that my Grampy passed away. He lived a long wonderful life of 87 years and I’m drawing comfort from that. I’m so thankful and happy that he got to meet Jesse and be with us on our wedding day.

I’m also grateful for the beautiful memories I have with the two of them. For the times he and my Granny drove out to visit me in Richmond and have lunch with me at school. The days that I would stay with them during my summer breaks, and we would go to the library or sit outside and listen to the kids on the baseball field behind their house. My Granny and I always watched the same movie when I’d visit She-Ra (the female version of He-Man). They were such wonderful and kind people, always asking about the rest of my family and giving me little gifts to take home to my siblings. I miss them both so much, Granny is still here physically but Alzheimer’s has taken her away mentally. 

I’ve been so amazingly blessed to have the best grandparents that anyone could ask for (and I’m super blessed because I have 3 sets!) I miss you Grampy, but I know you and Papa are watching over me. <3

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A Hard Week — 31 Comments

  1. This made me cry :(
    I lost a set of my grandparent’s back when I was 13 (they passed 6 mo. apart) that I was really close with. It’s such a hard thing to cope with, even to this day. So sorry for your loss. But those pictures are wonderful, definitely something to cherish.

  2. I’m sorry, what a horrible week for you. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    As you said it’s great they lived a long and happy life and you were able to have such lovely memories.

    I was visiting my grandparents this weekend and it’s so sad to see them getting older and frailer, one is also badly affected by Alzheimers.


  3. I’m sorry about your grandfather but glad that you are reflecting on the good times y’all had together. I have only lost one grandparent and she was so sick it wasn’t a shock. I dread the thought of losing my other grandparents though. It’s like you know it’s gonna happen someday but you just never want that day to come.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this, Ashley! I know it’s hard. Cherish those photos and the memories. I lost my grandpa two weeks ago and I’m bummed to not have him at my wedding. Grandparents are special things to us that is for sure.

    Thinking of you,

  5. I am so sorry for your loss, Ashley. Losing grandparents is so tough… I lost one grandfather two years ago, my other grandfather this past March, and one of my grandmothers last month. So your post made me teary-eyed. Such a lovely tribute to your Grampy! My thoughts are with you and your family. Xoxo

  6. sorry for the loss of your grampy. I can relate. I’m glad you have so many fond memories with your grandparents. You’ll never forget those times :)


  7. So sorry for your loss, you were obviously a big part in each other’s lives.
    I can’t even imagine how full of a life he had in 87 years! To have experienced so much, and to have loved and been loved by so many family members.

    Sending lots of virtual hugs to you and your family during this time. <3

  8. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Grampy. Losing a grandparent is so hard. All of mine have passed away. My paternal grandmother was my last grandparent to pass away and she did so on the morning of our wedding day. I joke that she really wanted to be able to make it to the wedding. Cherish the memories and photographs of you and your grandparents.

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  10. Hi Ashley, I’m a few weeks late, but I’m sorry for your loss! Unfortunately my 94-year-old Grandpa died just the week before yours did. It’s hard to lose a grandparent, even if they’ve lived a full life and you’re a grown-up and everything. Sigh. Hugs!

    PS. I LOVE your new table!!! I want one!

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