A Bit of a Rut

Guys, I’ve decided that I absolutely hate winter. It’s cold, it gets dark so early, and I have no motivation. I can’t spray paint when it’s 30 degrees outside, and I have so many things to spray paint! Like these chairs that I never finished this summer.024

Or the new chairs I bought for our kitchen.kitchen table6

Plus our house needs to be power washed and all of the plants are dead. I just want things to be pretty like they were this spring! I seriously cannot wait for that again!001

I’m also playing around with the idea of painting our doors. But then I get so many sweet compliments from you all that I’m not sure. I kind of want to paint them plum…glitter snowflake wreath1

Plus Christmas just hits the wallet so hard, we haven’t had the money for any real new house projects. I have big plans for our dining room though to go with our new table, but no money for said plans (which I’ll be sharing tomorrow!) Let’s just say it involves getting rid of fleshy colored walls and old lady curtains and adding some fun pops of green and blue! (Picture is pre-new table)dining room

Blarg! I feel so stuck right now! I just need the time to paint something!! We are having a party for my Golden Birthday this weekend, so that will be fun. Except for the cleaning part this week, that will kind of suck 😉

Is anyone else in a bit of a project rut? Got the winter blues like me?

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