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Thank you all so much for bearing with me today with all my site issues. Last night I moved my site to a different hosting provider and deleted my domain from the former host, without uploading all of files that make up my site. Ooops! Luckily the files were retrievable and my co-workers were able to help me get everything restored and uploaded, so we are back in business!

Before Jesse and I left for our big trip to Europe (which you can read about here, here and here) we finished painting the giant wall in our living room. It went from fleshy peach to a lovely dark gray (Sherwin Williams’ Mink to be exact.) living room mink

The new color is gorgeous! And I wanted to do something fun with the wall that didn’t pull too much away from the color. I read this post by Chris Loves Julia months ago and I knew that a 3D quote on the wall was just what I was looking for in this space. Jesse and I played around with quotes for a few days. I knew I wanted something about HOME (cliche, I know) and something that I thought reflected how we feel about our home. I saw the quote “Love makes a house a home” on Pinterest and decided to shorten it to “Love makes a home.” I like short and sweet. So the night before we left for our vacation I went to JoAnn because I heard they were having a sale on their paper mache letters. I got each letter for $2, plus I got 15% off my total purchase, so I spent less than $25.

When I got home the first thing I did was start working on this project. I was excited to get it done! I took all my letters into the garage and spread them out on a table and got to work painting. I used the exact same paint that we painted the wall, so the quote wouldn’t be IN YO FACE but more visually interesting. Look at me trying to act like I know what I’m talking about. painting letters for 3D wall art

After the letters were dry I used the table as my “frame” to figure out the spacing between each letter. prepping wall quote

I used the table’s dimensions to make a rectangle in the center of the wall so I could figure out exactly where I wanted my quote to be. Since there are no curtains in that room that the moment I used a scarf to help me visualize where a curtain would be to make sure everything looked balanced. The pile of laundry I hadn’t folded helps with that visual balance too.wall quote frame

Then it was time to start attaching my letters! I recommend the 3M velcro strips if your wall is a satin finish like mine. I had a real issue with my letters staying attached to the wall using the regular poster strips.hanging paper mache letters

Also in the instructions it says to clean the area with rubbing alcohol first. DO NOT SKIP THAT STEP. If you do you will be forced to listen to you letters falling off the wall at all hours of the night. And cursing will ensue. letter adhesive issues

I used a large level to make sure that each letter was not only individually level, but also level to the rest of the word. And as far as spacing goes there are 2 inches between each letter which I marked with my ruler as I went.leveling 3D wall quote

I absolutely LOVE how this project turned out! I’ve been laying on the floor staring up at it’s beauty and whispering sweet nothings to it for days. 3D wall quote

It adds the perfect amount of interest to the wall so that the color is the star, but you still notice them right away. And the best part is that it wont compete with some fun patterned curtains and pillows whenever I get around to that.3D wall art

I love how the living room is coming along, and I’ve got great plans for colors and art. Now all I need is for this stupid government shutdown to end so my husband to get paid again so we can pay our bills buy a sectional. It’d also be helpful if I remembered to put the ottoman back when taking blog pictures. *facepalm*Living room with wall art

What do you think of this fun 3D quote? Are you obsessed like me? 😉 

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