2012 – What a Great Year

This year has been one of the most amazing years of my life! I’ve been blessed to spend the entire year married to Jesse, we bought our house in February, threw one amazing party, spent some time traveling a bit, and just enjoyed life in general. It’s been a great year for the blog as well, so I wanted to take some time and review this year by looking back at each month’s most popular posts before we get our party on to bring in the new year tonight.

In January, everything was all about shopping for a new house and what we were looking for. I wrote a post about our home’s natural wood trim, which I originally wanted to paint white (that is no longer the case). I was desperate for ideas on what to do with wood trim, while still trying to update the space. 

February, of course is the month of the Super Bowl, and the most popular of those posts was the one about Jesse’s Fast Food Lasagna that he made for our friend’s Super Bowl party, inspired by this YouTube video by Epic Mealtime.

There was a Pinterest Challenge in March, so of course that was the most popular post for that month. I was inspired by Our Humble Abode to attempt to replicate Amanda’s herringbone watercolor art

I took on my super popular project of painting a chair with latex paint and fabric medium in April. This has also been one of my most popular posts, and favorite projects of the year. 

In May the blog was all about parties and party food. One of my favorite dips, buffalo chicken dip, seemed to be pretty popular with a lot of others as well. It’s a very simple mixture of chicken, cheese, buffalo wing sauce and ranch dressing, it doesn’t look to great but trust me it’s delicious! 

I got a little creative in June and attempted to make some faux Roman shades. They turned out fairly well in the beginning, but unfortunately they dont actually work and they’ve started to get a little crooked and wonky. 

After my sister-in-law’s wedding at the end of June I came home with an old window. In July I turned it into a frame for some of our favorite wedding prints, it is definitely my second favorite project! Looking at it every morning just makes me smile. 🙂 

As the end of the summer approached I was feeling pretty adventurous and anxious for a vacation, that led me to writing out a Bucket List for my life. Apparently a lot of you have bucket lists of your own and found mine very interesting.

September meant cooler weather and fall. I loved my little fall mantel this year, made complete by my ceramic owl from Home Goods. 

My favorite trip of the year, and yours was Jesse and I’s daycation to Virginia’s wine country (aka Charlottesville) in October. I even got a comment from one of the managers thanking me for my post and visit! 

The most exciting of all bloggy things happened in November, I met Young House Love! I got to hear them speak about what they’ve learned over the years and Sherry and I chatted about Katie Bower‘s baby. 

I dont think anyone will be surprised by what was the most popular post in December. It was of course the long awaited reveal of the farmhouse table that Jesse and I built together this fall. 

Overall, it’s been a very exciting year, for not only the blog, but for me. I’ve purchased a house, with my husband of course, found a hobby that I really love (this blog) and I feel like I’ve really started to grow up in a lot of ways. I mean come on, I get excited about tables and curtains now, if that’s not grown up I dont know what is 😉

How about you? Are you ready for 2013, or are you kinda sad 2012 is over? What kind of plans do you have to bring in the New Year?

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